Top 5 Quick & Easy Beauty Tips!

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Quick and Easy Tips: Take the “Time” Out of Timeless Beauty! 

In the world of “I needed that yesterday”, it helps if a lady can cut down on her primping time without sacrificing great face. Thankfully, cosmetic companies everywhere have felt our pain and created a plethora of products to suffice. Here are our top five favorites!

• Nars ~ The Multiple. Not only are these colors gorgeous on nearly every skin tone, but this gem packs a double punch by being the go to item for both cheeks and lips.

Stila ~ Convertible Eye Color. Gone are the days of searching through your beauty drawer for eye shadow, liner, and the tools to perform the magic. This multitasker has eyeliner on one end, a tool for smudging and blending on the other end, and a coordinated eye shadow color inside.


Guerlain ~ Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara. Most mascaras promise volume OR length but let’s face it, the average girl needs it all! Instead of wasting money on two different mascaras, this one comes with one formula and two brushes. One brush has long bristles for length and basic volume, the other with small bristles for tackling hard to reach spots like corners and bottom lashes to create depth.

Garnier Fructis ~ Miracle Dry Oil. Ever wish you could use just one lotion or moisturizer for your face, body, and hair? Wish granted! Made from olive and avocado extracts, this oil is light enough to use on the face but still has enough moisture muscle to tackle dry, frizzy hair.

Sally Hansen ~ Complete Salon Manicure. While a salon manicure always looks amazing, who really has the time? This polish has a base coat, color, and top coat all built into one time saving bottle.

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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Estee Lauder Double Wear

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Everyone knows how much I love a good concealer, and one of my staples for the past 17 years has been Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer.

Recently, I was asked to try out some other Double Wear products, and it only confirmed my love and loyalty to the line.  In fact, this weekend is my wedding (squeee!!!)  and I will be using my new Double Wear products for my rehearsal dinner. We are getting married in Temecula, and thanks to the CA heat wave, I need a foundation that will withstand the heat.  This will do it, and I know that I won't have a makeup meltdown disaster.  

I went to the Estee Lauder counter to get i-matched, and we decided I was a firm 2.0.  It couldn't have been easier to color match!  I decided I wanted to have a glowy, but medium coverage, so we combined the Double Wear BB Cream and the Double Wear Light foundation to a customized look.  I also grabbed up the Double Wear highlighter, which is my new obsession.  The coverage is more opaque than normal highlighters, and could work well as a concealer replacement if you are not riddled with under eye circles like I am.

Honestly, I will be using these three new products on a daily basis.  It gave me a gorgeous glow AND didn't budge all day.  If it is good enough for my wedding weekend, than it is good enough to be added to my permanent makeup wardrobe.

How it Works

  • Double Wear Makeup is formulated to last 15-hours and helps to maintain a worry-free fresh and natural look through heat, humidity and nonstop activity.
  • Won't change color, smudge or come off on clothes.
  • Feels lightweight and comfortable.
  • Fragrance- and oil-free, dermatologist-tested, and non-acnegenic.


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Friday Top 5: Best Sunscreens

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Friday top5 sunscreen

So, I have to admit that during summer and sunscreen, I have always been a Neutrogena gal. The 110 SPF... a must for a extremely pale Scottish lass like myself. I also have become addicted to the Wet Skin spray, since lathering on cream over my newly cooled off pool soaked skin drives me crazy.  But, there have been some new additions to my list and I have included them above.  Loving the good for your skin Kiehls SPF, the perfect for your face Ultra Light La Roche-Posay and the "cool zone" SPF spray for hot days by the pool. 

1) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer

2) Kiehls Activated Sun Protection

3) Neutrogena Wet Skin

4) La Roche-Posey Anthelious Ultra Light

5) Banana Boat Sport: CoolZone

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Celebs Find Beauty in their Pantry

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celeb tips

I'm always checking to see how my favorite celebrities always seem to look so perfect. I found a trend. Many of their beauty secrets are right in my own pantry. I'd never have thought I could whiten my teeth, soften my skin or even treat my acne with stuff I already had on hand for completely different purposes.

Tasty White Teeth

This one has to come first simply because it's my favorite. If you've ever envied Catherine Zeta Jones's pearly whites, add strawberries to your brushing routine. She mixes baking soda and smashed strawberries to create her own whitening paste. Not only does it taste pretty good, but it works.

Oil For Shiny, Healthy Hair

I'm not a huge guacamole fan, but Kate del Castillo's hair mask trick works wonders. For dry hair, it's an absolute must. She mixes almond oil and mashed avocado and applies as a mask. After washing out, hair is much shinier.

While you might not have castor oil on hand, your grandmother probably does. Once again, Catherine Zeta Jones has a perfect trick for healthier hair. She brushes a small amount of castor oil and her hair is beautiful and shiny.

A Night Cap For Soft Skin

I haven't tried this one, but I'm intrigued. While we've all heard a glass of red wine is good us, did you know you can bathe in it for softer skin? Teri Hatcher swears by it. Of course, one look at her skin and maybe it's time to pour my wine in the tub instead of a glass. My advice is to use the cheap stuff for bath time. Just a few glasses worth is all you need.

Turn Any Cleanser Into An Exfoliator

If you need light exfoliation, you don't have to buy a special product. Jessica Biel adds just two teaspoons of sugar to her favorite cleanser. Alternatives include baking soda, oatmeal and even salt. However, I personally found salt to be a bit too abrasive for sensitive skin.

Brush Your Pimples

I hate when I have something big planned the next day and a bright red pimple pops up the before I go to bed. I personally tried Jennifer Love Hewitt's solution and it did make a major difference. The pimple wasn't gone completely, but it went from glow in the dark to easily coverable overnight. She places a tiny amount of plain toothpaste on the pimple and lets it dry overnight. It dries out zits and reduces redness. Remember, plain toothpaste and not gel or specialty varieties.

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Beauty Bag Essentials

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Beauty Bag Essentials

As a woman and self proclaimed makeup addict, I of course have drawers full of goodies at my house; however, when traveling or simply heading out for the day, my collection of necessities has to be limited. I do love to change up my eye color on occasion and even shades of blush and lipstick, but for my everyday look and every day needs, here are my top beauty recommendations.

Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm
Admittedly, I rarely use a regular foundation. I hate how heavy they feel and how the seem to seep into my fine lines and wrinkles. For a while, I used to only use a concealer; however, as time started to march across my face leaving behind sun damage and wrinkles, I decided to step up my coverage a bit. This beauty balm has multiple benefits; it perfects and protects the skin, contains anti-aging properties and has an SPF 45. So, on days when I’m I a rush, this one product serves as a moisturizer, sunscreen, ant-aging serum and foundation all in one shot.

bareMinerals Mineral Veil
This loose powder is the mac daddy of powders. It’s light enough to use on dry skin but still keeps shine away on oily skin. Mostly I love it because every time I apply it, it gives my skin a gorgeous airbrushed look with just a tiny dusting. Another reason I love this powder is the fact that aside from super hot and humid days, one application typically lasts me all day long… even my T-zone area!

bareMinerals Ready Bronzer
Much like the mineral veil, a little of this product goes a long way. This bronzer gives my skin a much-needed J-lo type glow without the sparkly afterglow. The gorgeous bronzer also contains SeaNutrive Mineral complex to help fight the signs of aging.

Make Up Forever HD Blush in Coral
This is by far my favorite blush and I go on record to say it’s worth every single penny! The creamy formula can be applied with fingertips or a brush, and instead of sitting on your skin like most blushes, it sinks in, leaving behind nothing but a gorgeous glow! The coral color is buildable and perfect for giving a healthy flush any time of year. This is another product that once in place, seems to last me all day long without needing to be reapplied.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
I love my mascara. In my opinion, eyelashes are the number one item to creating a beautiful face and this mascara gives some serious bang for the buck. Not only does it create length, it also adds definition, separation and serious volume without needing multiple coats to get the job done. At less than $10.00 a tube, I say fill up on this awesome product ASAP!

Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette
As I mentioned, I do occasionally like to mix up my eye shadow shades. That being said, for my everyday look, this is my all time favorite palette. The shades range from light taupe and pinkish pearl colors to golden bronzy shades. There’s even a smoky black color for those nights when you need a little extra drama. The colors are very pigmented, requiring very little to get the job done and are extremely long lasting, even in high humidity. While I may switch off on what colors I apply every day, I rarely leave town without this palette in my bag.

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner
Another great product from Maybelline, this liner gives amazing color and drama and is totally smudge resistant. Whether I need a bold line for a hot, smokey eye or a thinner line for the workday, I can always count on this eyeliner to give me exactly the look I was hoping for.

EOS Lip Balm
I’m not sure if it’s the fun and convenient shape, the delicious flavors or the long-lasting moisture that keeps me stocking up on this product, but I rarely leave home without at least two of them in my bag. I used to be a Burt’s Bees girl, but after being introduced to these yummy lip treatments by a co-worker, I have to say I may just be sold for life!

So remember, while venturing out of your beauty comfort zone is always a trip worth taking, it’s never a bad idea to keep an arsenal of favorites nearby. The new and trendy products may keep you looking fashionable, but the classics will forever keep you looking beautiful.

By Sian Bitner Kearney:

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Have A Spa Day At Home with Suave!

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 Between work, family and other commitments, a trip to the spa is out of the question. You still deserve a few relaxing minutes for a more beautiful you. We all feel better when we feel like we look our best. Suave Professionals feels the same way and the new Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion series of hair and body products can help you get an easy, everyday beautiful look.


Beautiful, Luxurious Hair

Lock the world away for a hour and spend some time pampering yourself. The first step is a relaxing shower. Start by giving your hair a sea-inspired spa treatment with the Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo and Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Conditioner. The soft sea-inspired fragrance instantly takes you away from your stress to a seaside spa.

Using the shampoo and conditioner brings back your hair’s natural bounce while adding much needed moisture. The best part is you don’t have to worry about heavy build up from silicones or moisturizers. It’s the perfect balance of clean and conditioned for hair that’s easier to style. Another thing you’ll love is the extra body and moisture lasts for a full day, so your hair doesn’t frizz and fall flat an hour after styling.


Treat Skin To Dead Sea Minerals

Rejuvenate your skin next with Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Exfoliating Body Wash. The wash smooths skin without feeling harsh and leaves behind a luxurious, soothing fragrance. The Dead Sea Salts help to gently polish and rejuvenate skin naturally.

Finishing Your Everyday Beauty

The new sea-inspired Suave Professionals line is extremely easy to use in the shower, but the spa treatment doesn’t stop there. Continue your spa hour by applying Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Body Lotion. It truly does leave skin feeling soft and smooth for hours. The beautiful fragrance makes you feel beautiful and radiant. The body lotion is infused with rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals for even more luminous skin.

The final step is to style your hair with Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. It’s incredibly easy to use and it only takes a few sprays to help create full-bodied waves that last all day. The time savings alone make this a must have styling product. 

It’s not hard to bring out your inner beauty and feel like you’ve just been treated to a spa day everyday with this Suave Professionals line. I gave myself a much deserved spa treatment and couldn’t believe the difference this line made in my hair and skin.

Discover the Beauty of the Sea with NEW Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion products.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Suave Professionals ®. The opinions and text are all mine.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Suave Professionals ®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.


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Urban Decay Eye Potion Primer

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Create looks and express your style   Polyvore

 Earlier this week I talked about my love of beauty deals and sites that help you save while you shop. I also talked about Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty and how you can get 4% cash back with

Beauty and savings? Yes please! 

One of the best deals happens today, when you can grab up the iconic Urban Decay Eye Potion primer. This primer is coveted by professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike for its unbelievable ability to make your eyeshadow have amazing staying power and enhance the color and pigment of any shadow! With this deal, you can get a full size primer for only $9.60 after your cash back.... you can ;grab up your coupon here! 

Shop At Home is bringing to you 4% cash back and 50 ShopGold rewards points for every ULTA 21 Days of Beauty purchase. So, you can shop for your favorite goodies, and get money back in your pocket.

Since I am an avid online shopper I rely on to make sure I am spending smarty. I love nothing more than a great beauty barging (and so does my wallet!).


Go to to sign up, and install the toolbar (I highly recommend this part!). Next time you are online shopping, simply visit their site to activate the coupon codes and they will track your purchases & send you a monthly rebate for the cash back you've earned on those orders. You can get anywhere from 3-30% cash back, depending on the merchant, and once you reach $20 in cash back, you're automatically sent a check in the mail.

Happy Shopping my beauty lovers. xoxo

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