Dove Clinical Protection Anti-perspirant

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Logo  I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday regarding deodorant (I really have no idea why the subject came up).  But, it got me thinking that it really is apart of our normal beauty routine, since scent and smelling fabulous is something very much apart of self expression.  So, as I shared with my friend my all time new favorite is Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant in Powder Fresh.  It is amazing, and smells sooo good!!  I am not even worried when I run out of the house and forget my perfume.  The wonderful thing is it is also moisturizing, and has amazing wetness protection which is so key now that summer is here.

I also had to include a post that one of my favorite comedians Jennifer Eolin wrote regarding the subject. I have been reading her blog forever, and thought this recent entry was perfect.  Enjoy!

“Dear Dove Clinical Protection deodorant,

Why hello there!  Look at you with a prescription strength product available OTC.  Good for you!  But one small comment: Could you please make this line in an unscented formula?  I’m all for a lovely “Original Clean” smell, but honestly I have a hard time fessing up after a “You smell so good, Jennifer!  What is that?” compliment by saying, “Thanks!  It’s my pits!”

Could we work on this?  I’ll be so ever happy and less inclined to ramble nervously at parties.

1/4 moisturized,
Jennifer (Eolin)”

You can view her amazingly funny blog on her myspace page.

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