Valentine’s Day Kisses!!

0004052 qtica intense lip repair balm 05
 qtica intense lip repair balm 05
Since this is the day to celebrate kissing, I thought I would do a quick blog about my favorite lip balm.  I have notoriously dry lips and have tried EVERY lip balm on the market.  A fellow makeup artist friend of mine suggested I try Qtica Lip Balm, and I must say that it is hands down the best lip saver I have tried.  It is packed with honey, tea tree oil, and tons of other vitamins.  It is advertised as a overnight lip repair, but I use it all throughout the day.  If you are wearing it alone, I would suggest applying a neutral lip liner underneath, as the lip balm has a white tint.  My suggestion would be MAC Spice lip liner, which looks fantastic on all skin tones.  It has a pinky nude undertone and gives your natural lip color alittle extra boost. So there you go ladies!  Pucker up and have a wonderful Valentines day filled with smooches and soft kissable lips.

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