Reese Witherspoon’s Look For the Monster’s and Alien’s Premier

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I think it's so cool when a movie star shows up to a premier looking fresh and natural.  There is something so striking in being confident enough to let your inner beauty shine, and not cover up your face with half a pound of makeup.  I know it seems contradictory for me to say this, since my job is to apply….half a pound of makeup!  Surprisingly, it is actually a lot harder to use a light hand, and create a natural glow.  Anyone can slap on some foundation, and false eyelashes and look gorgeous.  It takes a lot of hootspa to flaunt it on the red carpet (under all those unforgiving flashbulbs!) with a soft, natural, clean face.

This leads me to the very funny, and extremely smart Reese Witherspoon. I have always been a fan, and now even more so.  She absolutely looked flawless and fresh faced at the Monster's and Alien's premier.  Here is how I would achieve her everyday glow:

  • Philosophy's The Supernatural Coloring Book is the best way to get a simple radiant look for everyday.  The thing I love about this set is that it's uncomplicated, and just plain pretty!   It comes with nude lip liner, pink gloss, pink/bronze blush duo, and mascara.  All you need for an easy, classic look.  

Makeup Artist Tip:  If you want to make this look alittle more dramatic, I would simply add a black liquid liner on the outer corners of the eye.  The easiest liquid liners to use come in a pen applicator.  Cover Girl makes a fantastic one that has a felt tip pen, is water resistant, and goof-proof!!

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