“Twilight” Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan

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I finally succumbed to all the hoopla and saw the movie Twilight tonight.  I get what all the fuss is about!  It was very good.  I am usually not into teenage angst, but I got caught up in the love story, and by the end of the movie my girlfriend and I were hooked. 
So, I am waving my little white flag and admitting that I am a converted Twilight fan.  In honor of this event I thought I would do a posting on Bella Swan/Kristen Stewart's makeup in the movie.

To get her natural, daytime look I would suggest using the following:

  • To achieve her flawless complexion, use a product that creates a matte finish with a light coverage.  Youngblood Mineral Loose Powder Foundation has a wonderful texture, and buildable coverage.  Unlike other mineral foundations this product does not have a lot of shimmer, therefore creating a much more natural finish.  For oilier skins, use their Mineral Rice Setting Powder.  
  • For her blush I suggest using a matte blush in a soft shade of pale plum or rose.  Bobbi Brown's Brown Berry or Rose Blush are great choices.
  • Bella's eyelids were very simple.  Try Sephora's All About Eyes Kit.  This kit includes the three neutral eye colors bone, tan, and light grey.  It also includes a black eyeliner and three brushes to help complete the look.  This is an amazing kit to get a simple everyday look like Bella's.
  • For Bella's lips I recommend a soft plummy brown lip stain.  Cover Girl has an incredable new lipstain that will achieve this look.  Try Teasing Blush

There you go fellow vampires!!  Now I am off to start reading the books (I know I am late on the band wagon for this one).

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