Bio Oil Scar Treatment

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I love food.  Pasta, chocolate, and anything considered comfort food. Because of my adoration of all things carbs I sometimes have a battle of the bulge.  And, since my skin no longer has the bounce back qualities of my youth, I have stretch marks.  Yuck, gross…and completely unavoidable over the age of 30. 

The great news is that I found a phenomenal (yes, it’s that good!!) new product.  This is not only the best stretch mark product i have found, but it is also an amazing product that helps dehydration.  This breakthrough is called Bio Oil Scar Treatment, and it should be a staple in your bathroom.

I have been using this oil for over 4 months, and I have noticed a visible difference in the texture of my skin, and those nasty stretch marks have definitely faded.  Also, this oil can be used all over (even the face) to calm dehydrated skin.  I used this during the winter to give an extra boost to my normal body moisturizer.  The special ingredient is PurCellin Oil™, which helps to make this oil instantly absorb into the skin.   The formulation has vitamins and natural botanicals that create the richness of an oil, without the usual thickness.  

I have to give a shout out to my mother for this recommendation.  She has the best skin around, and swears by this dream oil! 

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