Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber

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I have never been a fragrance girl.  I have always mixed various Vanilla and Chocolate perfumes together to make my own warm smelling concoction.  Simple, boring, and just the way I like it. I never thought I would venture away from my trusty mix.  I was wrong. 

Have you ever been stopped in the middle of the street by a stranger asking you “what are you wearing? you smell so good!”.   And most of these compliments are coming from men (which is both weird and very flattering!).  So, what is this fantastic new scent that has me smelling so attractive? 

Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber perfume, and body collection.  I am not kidding!  It’s not some fancy smancy, two hundred dollar perfume, and yet I am a converted perfume girl.  This glorious smell is warm, a little sweet and very inviting.  Since I am not a knowledgeable in the fragrance world, I will let the box do the talking:

For the exotic scent of pink lotus petals enveloped in golden amber, master perfumers have blended lotus and amber with succulent plum and creamy sandalwood. “

  • Fragrance Top Notes: Bergamot, Wild Berries, Succulent Plum

  • Fragrance Mid Notes: White Rose, Orange Flower, Lotus Petals, Iris

  • Fragrance Base Notes: Amber, Creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Praline, Musk

Let’s put it this way, I loved it so much I went out and bought the body collection!  Go out and grab this up, and let me know how many people stop you in the street!

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