Johnson’s Baby Powder

Baby powder I have a new item to add to my "stranded on a deserted island" list.  The gloriously simple Johnson's Baby Powder. It was my little savior during my hospital stay and proved to be a multi-use powerhouse. 

Due to my fever, I often perspired through my sheets and was extremely uncomfortable with the stickiness of my skin.  One of my fantastic nurses sprinkled baby powder on my sheets to help cool down the bed...and thus began my affair with baby powder.  It instantly made my sheets soft and cool, kept my body dry, and the baby soft scent was unbelievably comforting.  This is a great tip for summer (fever or not), and I will be sprinkling my sheets with the Lavender and Chamomile scented Baby Powder from now on.  Another great benefit is that you wake up with...shall I say it? soft skin. *note*  For those of you with more sensitive skin, use the talc free Cornstarch version.

Next, I used the Baby Powder as a dry shampoo when I was unable to shower.  I used it sparingly all over my roots to absorb oil, and give my hair a momentary clean look and feel. I first sprinkled it into my hands and then rubbed it onto the upper half of my hair, avoiding my ends.  I then ran my hands through my hair until it was thoroughly absorbed, and brushed my hair until all traces of the powder were gone.  I was incredibly impressed with how fresh and full my hair looked after using this trick. I have bought expensive hair shampoo's in the past, and I must say that this is right up there with the best of them. 

Lastly, I used the Baby Powder as an all over refresher and gentle skin softener since I was unable to use lotion.  Baby Powder is a great alternative to body lotion when it's dreadfully hot outside, or for those of you with sensitive skin. 

I am so happy and grateful to have rediscovered this product, and can't wait to start incorporating into my daily routine. My sheets and my skin will be thanking me!


  1. I honestly live for baby powder in sticky, hot, humid Houston Summers. I totally pour that shizz in my hair!!

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