L’Anza Neem Plant Silk Serum

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1221523039370 Dried, crinkly and brittle are the three words that best describe the dreaded state of my hair.  The summer heat has sucked out all vibrancy and softness from my once luscious locks.  I am convinced that I look ludicrous with short hair (really, I look unquestionably horrid with anything resembling a bob), or else I would take some scissors and chop it all off ala Brittney.  Ok, it is not that bad….but it is still annoyingly crispy.

Well, split ends and dry hair be damned, because I have found a solution! My most wonderful friend  Lady K suggested I try L'Anza Neem Plant Silk Serum, and I should seriously be sending her the biggest fruit basket for introducing me to this product.  It is great.  It is saving me from the scissors!

I have been applying it on my damp hair before blow drying, and also on the ends once my hair is dry.  I instantly saw a difference in the texture, feel, and shine of my hair (especially on those frightful ends).  Unlike other serums, this does not leave your hair greasy, or weigh it down.  I have even reapplied it throughout the day, and have not had a problem with product buildup.  I now have one for my bathroom, and one in my car for midday touch ups (a girl has got to be prepared!).

Here is the technology behind my new hair care hero.

Product Benefits

  • BUILDS STRENGTH: Boosts elasticity and reduces hair breakage.  

  • SHINE & SOFTNESS: Neem Plant provides non-greasy thermal protection

  • TRIPLE UV COLOR PROTECTORS: UVA/UVB color guards to prevent damage and fading.   

  • RESTORED FIBER INTEGRITY: Results in stronger, shinier, healthier hair.

  • pH 5.5

Key Ingredients

  • KERATIN BOND SYSTEM 2™: Exclusive healing system containing Keratin Amino Acids, Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex, and Moisture Retain Complex that renews hair from within for health, softness and shine.
  • CP ANTI-AGING COMPLEX: Replenishes vital Cystine Peptides back into the hair and strengthens the Peptide Bonds. The results is hair with more shine, increased strength and elasticity.
  • NEEM PLANT: Thermal protection protects over-processed hair and reduces drying time by 55%. Lightweight formula provides non-greasy moisture that tames frizz and creates instant shine.
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