Obsessive Compulsive Makeup for New York Fashion Week

19863_308166178332_20327648332_3655524_7951501_n For New York Fashion Week, I have been lucky enough to be backstage and watch the looks come together.  Yesterday, I was able to go behind the scenes at Wonderland Beauty Parlor for the Carlos Miele show and see how Katie Pellegrino for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics created one of the coolest looks I have seen this week (seriously, the pictures will not do it justice! it looked like the most beautiful sunset). 

Anyone who has seen my kit knows that I have every single one of the lip tars, and have become...yep, I will say it, "obsessed" with them  (sorry,  there is no other word for my love of these lipglosses!).  OCC makeup also boasts some of the best products in the airbrush industry, and are also known for their wide array of loose pigments.  The line is entirely vegan, and is constantly coming up with colors that stand out from the other companies. 

Owner and creator (and quite the master makeup artist himself) David Klasfeld was kind enough to detail the looks for me:

The look consisted of:

  • Blend of loose colors in:
    • Cherry Bomb
    • Pollen Count
    • Static
  • With Pure Pigment in:
    • Yellow #6
  • Lips are:  Conquest Lip Tar

*OCC makeup, Katie and David will all be at The Makeup Show LA next weekend Feb 28th-March 1st!

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