Smart Cover

Smartcover Scars, birthmarks, and tattoos can be some of the hardest things to cover up.  Just recently, I had a close friend ask me how she could cover up the tattoo on her back for her wedding.  I suggested she try out the Smart Cover kit. 

Smart Cover has been used on film sets for quite some time and makes covering up large areas easy. Hollywood make-up artist Christina Smith, has used the product on many of her celebrity clients including Julia Roberts, Gena Rowlands and Helen Mirren, to camouflage tattoos, dark circles, and scars.  

Smart Cover was created by Nancy and Flori Roberts in 1999, after a bout with skin cancer left a scar on Flori's nose.  Flori had previously created Dermablend, and set out to create an even stronger cover up specifically for scars and problem skin.  It just goes to show that every battle can bring about an amazing source of inspiration!  And her products have a cult following for just that reason.

Their main kit is the ten-piece Smart Cover Starter Kit.

  • Three different shades of the concealing crème, from light to dark, so you can mix and match to create the perfect shade.
  • A white color corrector to neutralize the tattoo or scar pigment first, allowing the concealing crème to cover completely and blend seamlessly into the skin.
  • Cover stick
  • Moisture primer lotion
  • vitamin beauty stick for eye or lip area
  • camouflage brush
  • blending sponges
  • travel case.

Smart Cover goes on creamy and smooth, is dermatologist and allergy tested, non-comedogenic, waterproof, smudge-resistant, and fragrance free. I keep this in my professional kit for any unexpected scars, bruises or tatoos I need to cover up.  The product really does the job!

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