Lindsey Lohans Makeup by Valerie Hernandez

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The internet has been buzzing lately about the latest controversial photo shoot with Lindsey Lohan by famed photographer Tyler Shields.  Whether or not you like the shots, you cannot disagree that Tyler Shields photographs are outstanding, and make people talk.  These dark shoots of Ms. Lohan were taken for Tyler's new book "The Dirty Side of Glamor", and that is just what this is. 

One of my dearest friends, Valerie Hernandez created Lindsey's look for the infamous shoot, and passed along the products she used to create the sultry vibe.  I am crazy for the smokey eyes and sexy lips that Miss. Valerie did (although I am always impressed with her work, cause she is a brilliant artist!).    Here are the details directly from Val:




  • Finally, I used OCC Lip Tars in Barely Beige and grand finale was Liptar NYFW.  "Lindsey loved the lip tars so much that I let her take mine!"
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