Talika Lipocils

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Talika-Lipocils I have no idea why the beauty gods seem to think that it’s funny to start prematurely aging me.  Is it because they know I will have access to loads of new anti-aging products?  Is it because it is my duty on this earth to try out every new beauty regime and write about it?  *sigh*

Not only am I fabulously sprouting grey hairs (I am only 32! Why God, Why!!) , but now I am starting to have the wonderful experience of eyelash fallout.  Lovely. 

So, beauty gods be damned!  I am now adding to my list of new beauty obsessions; eyelash growth products.  My new find is Talika Lipocils Expert.  I have been using it faithfully for the past three weeks, and have definitely seen some improvement in the thickness of my puny little lashes. 

I find the new wand, and tip combination especially great.  I love that I can use the applicator wand to brush the serum on my lashes, and then use the tip to get into those areas that are sparse, or have spots.  It’s really quite ingenious. 

Here are the details:


  • Lipocils Expert features a new double applicator combining a mascara brush and a sponge tip applicator all in one. Use the sponge applicator to apply the product along the root of the upper and lower lashes, then use the bristles to brush product through the lashes.
  • Apply every morning and every evening for 28 days, then once a day to maintain your results.
  • Stimulate eyelash growth with botanical extracts like nettle, hamamelis, and apple
  • Increase lashes’ curling power with Polymers & silk proteins
  • Deepen the natural color of your lashes with Coleus Forskohlii
  •  Protect lashes from sunlight and other environmental aggressors with Baobab leaf & sour orange extract
  • Re-enforce and protect eyelash root with anti-aging peptides
  • An independent team of dermatologists at Hopitaux de Paris, France, conducted clinical testing with the following results.
    • growth: average length increase of 36%.
    • color intensifying effect: average color intensification of 50% (up to 100% improvement on blond and light brown lashes);
    • average increase in lash curve by 50%
    • No side effects other than a mild irritation have been noted.

Makeup Artist Tip:  If you are a frequent waterproof mascara user (and we all are during the summer!), than I highly suggest trying out Talika lash conditioning cleanser.  It is decadently gentle on the eyes, oil free, and magically removes every trace of eye makeup in heartbeat.  It also includes cornflower extract and silk proteins to help strengthen your lashes!


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One Response to Talika Lipocils

  1. Alexandra says:

    Hi. I just bought the Talika Lipocils and I am looking for information about the product, because this seems too liquid. The consistency is not of one gel but like water. If I shake the container I hear the liquid as if it was water. Is this normal? Also the smell is neutral like physiologic serum. Do you think I bought a fake version or are these features normal? Thanks

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