Youngblood WARMTH High Defintion Powder

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Hi-DefCartPageImage Make Up Forever HD Loose Powder is the gold standard that all makeup artists swear by in this industry.  And, yes, it’s really as good as everyone says (in my kit always!).  But, the one universal glitch with most HD powders is that on men, or warmer skin tones, the powder can look the teensiest bit ashy. 

Because I need to be prepared for all skintones, at all times, I make sure that I have Youngblood Warmth High Definition Powder on hand.  It is a god send, and I have turned every makeup artist I know onto this product.  The response is always the same; “this is perfect”.

The point of difference is:

  • Hydrates and refreshes skin, locking in moisture while absorbing oil and mattifying shine.
  • If you’re excessively oily or live in a high-humidity area, you will love how it keeps your makeup fresh and matte for hours.
  • If you have ruddy skin, this powder is perfect for you; it’s infused with licorice root extract, which calms and conceals redness.

The great thing about this powder is that it is the perfect blend of yellow, peach, and gold.  It warms up the skintone, and smoothes out lines and shadows with ease.  I have also used this over body makeup, and it sets like no other.  Don’t be afraid of the color for lighter skintones too.  You can easily apply this to lighter complexions (except the very fair and pale) with a soft, big, fluffy brush; just make sure to start off with a light application and build.

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