Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding- Her Makeup Look

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With all the hoopla over Chelsea Clinton's wedding this weekend, I couldn't help but notice how radiant she looked.  Her makeup and hair was regal.  Due to the hoopla surrounding her wedding, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Skinn Cosmetics Dimitri James gives us his suggestions on how to recreate Chelsea Clinton’s wedding look.  Enjoy!

"Chelsea's Ivory skin, golden blond hair and blue green eyes look best in soft shades of rose brown, plum and mauve shadows, as complimented by a soft rose blush and rosy beige lips. "

Dimitri James provides the steps that will soften Chelsea’s features and showcase her sophisticated style.

FACE:  "Since this is a summer wedding Chelsea's foundation must be humidity and sweat resistant"

  • First Chelsea needs to make her pale Ivory skin a focal point.
  • Use a high quality cotton and mineral foundation
  • Buff the powder evenly over a matte pore refining primer
  • Finish off with a matte veil super micronized finishing powder

EYES: "Chelsea has heavy lidded and prominent eyes, which make shadow and liner smear and crease easily"

  • First apply a water proof eye lid primer
  • Follow with a soft shade of rosy brown over the entire eye lid.
  • A pale rosy quarts shade should follow under the eye brow.
  • On the upper lid, a water proof, dark brown liquid or gel liner may be applied to balance the heavy shadow.
  • Follow with soft whispy fake lashes and apply the same rosy brown shadow to the outer corner of her lower lash line.
  • Last, of course, is a deep black mascara, applied heavier to the upper lash.

CHEEKS"I suggest that Chelsea also apply a sheer stroke of matte sculpting powder (avoiding orange or warm tones) under her cheek bones for definition"

  • Blush cheeks with a sheer, shell pink, lightly pearlized blush.
  • Lightly dust this same blush over her eye lid to blend and "blush" the eye shadow.

LIPS "Chelsea can balance the look with a well defined lip"

  • First, a fat lip liner pencil in a neutral beige pink should be applied to the entire lip as to avoid sharp lines.
  • A creamy, soft and satiny lipstick should follow. No gloss.

BROW"Chelsea's brows need to be well arched and defined"

  • Use  a matte taupe brow powder finish pencil.
  • Set and soften the look with a mineral foundation powder.

FROM DAY TO NIGHT "How to transition this look from the wedding to the evening"

  • Simply apply a plum brown shadow over the rosy brown shadow already  on her upper lid.
  • Then apply a black liner over the dark brown, then blend the shadow with a brush dipped in both a rose pink blush and a loose mineral foundation powder.
  • A heavier coat of black mascara should follow, along with a lipstick one shade darker but in the same family.
  • A little opal gloss, and the look is transformed to show better in evening light.
  • A little heavier coat of sculpting powder under cheeks also couldn’t hurt.

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