Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

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Let's face it; the older we get, the harder is it is get a full night’s sleep.  Between work, and the daily grind, it is a feat to just get a good, solid 6 hours of sleep!  So, when you have a call time of 5am, there is little you can do to hide your exhaustion.  When sleep is the enemy, and it rears its ugly head, I instantly grab for my two little fatigue fighters; Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, and Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash.  I was given these to use on a major commercial shoot, and was blown away by the results.  This is sleep in a bottle, and instantly gives a refreshed, bright, and healthy look to the skin.  When you are trying to look like well rested, you can count on these magic potions to give you beauty rest in a bottle.

Beauty Flash balm boasts:

  • Witch Hazel and Olive tree extracts : tighten, promote radiance. 
  • Algae extract: revitalizes.
  • Bisabolol: soothes and softens.
  • Rice Starch: purifies the epidermis.

Eye revive beauty flash boasts:

  • White Tea: refreshes and decongests.
  • Young Wheat Proteins: gently tighten.
  • Corrective pigments and Vitamin E: instantly enhance.
  • Extracts of Rose Petal, Olive Leaf, Waterlily Milk: protect.
  • Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex: ensures optimal skin protection.

Trendzilla-clarins-skin-spa.4977282.40 If you’re looking for an extra dose of fatigue fighting goodness, then all you have to do is head down to your local mall; Clarins has brought the spa experience to your local department stores.  I recently was able to experience their new Clarins Skin Spa and was pleasantly surprised! Who knew that such a calming, and tranquil experience could be found in the middle of a busy Bloomindales!?  The Clarins SkinSpa experience utilizes a simple menu of seven facial treatments, ranging from the Youth Activator, the Radiance Reviver, the Skin Reviver, and the Brightening Performer.  Not only are the facials superb, but the prices are reasonable and and an affordable luxury starting $50 for a 45 minute facial, and offering up to four one-hour-long facials for $220.

The facial itself is soothing, and feels like a gentle massage. Clarins believes in the non invasive form of  treatment—meaning no pulling, stretching, or extractions, etc.— done entirely by hand.

“There’s no machinery—our treatments are 100 percent hand-based, so we don’t use anything except the hands,” explains Clarins Senior Director of Boutique and Spa Development Chantal Sanders. “We believe the hands are far more effective than any piece of machinery.”

I have to agree!  And now with my power packed twosome of  the Beauty Flash balms, and the handy Clarins Skin Spa down the street,  I can fake my beauty sleep like a pro.

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