My Journey Into Skincare – By Jennifer Eolin

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My Journey Into SkincareBy Jennifer Eolin

When I was a little kid I honestly thought they were yelling the beauty product brand name, “Olay!” during bullfights.  I really had no idea why they would yell an anti-aging cream brand name at a charging bull, but oddly enough, I was completely okay with their choice.  My young brain rationalized, “Maybe it's because after fighting a bull you get a lot of wrinkles from worrying that participating in an activity this stupid…um, 'dangerous' will get you killed.  I know I would get a lot of wrinkles, and I'm only 4.” (Yes, yes, later I realized it was “Ole!” and that it was Spanish, but Sesame Street hadn't taught me that word yet, okay?!)

I can hear the question forming on your lips, “Why was 'Olay' on the tip of my tongue as a 4-year-old?”  I will tell you:  I was very ugly as a child.  No, I kid!  It's because my grandmother used it exclusively.  The classic bottle (I believe it was glass back in the 70's if memory serves?) sat on her ornate mirrored tray on her bureau.  In short: the bottle was GORGEOUS and the blush pink cream inside even more so.  Also I I loved the ritual my grandmother had with it every morning and evening.  (And PS – my grandmother was BEAUTIFUL.

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