My Journey Into Makeup: Part 2, by Jennifer Eolin

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My Journey Into Make-Up: Part II

by Jennifer Eolin

Two enormously good things came out of my marriage:

1)     A divorce.  (Bazing!)

2)     I finally learned how to apply make-up.

Since the first item on this list is self-explanatory, I'll delve into the second item. 

When I got married I knew I needed someone to do my make-up because I've never been that good at the whole make-up thing.  “How do you know this, Jennifer, since you sound perfect in every way shape and form?” you may be asking.  It's because when I was a teenager I wore blush.  All over my face.  (Yes.  You read that right.  Commence judging.)

To say that make-up was important in the 80s is a gross understatement.

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