How to build a Special Effects SPFX Kit – By In My Pro Opinion

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I am often asked about Special Effects (ie: horror, gore, and blood) makeup, and if I know any products for these type of makeup applications.  Aside from one horror movie that I filmed 7 years ago, and that I only talk about after afew martinis, I am not the FX gal.  Actually, I don't even watch horror movies!

But, the phenomenal Melissa Street can rock any Zombie, or Vampire makeup and is one of the best FX artists I know.  Lucky for me, this makeup artist shares the products that help make her the maestro on her YouTube page.  So, in honor of Halloween…..Enjoy! 

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2 Responses to How to build a Special Effects SPFX Kit – By In My Pro Opinion

  1. Stuart says:

    Hi – I have a couple of sites about makeup FX and wrote an srticle about a basic makeup FX kit:
    link to


  2. Great make up artist are the key to a successful horror film. Because they can make the artist to be look alike of the real ghost.

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