SUN Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

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Sun Lab "If you can't tone it, Tan it!"  is one of my favorite expressions.  Let's face it, a golden glow can help erase a thousand flaws, and help to give a healthy radiance to any complexion.

Even now, with the Fall fast approaching, it's the easiest way to give yourself a boost.  It is the subtlest, easiest pick me up.  Trust me, I am casper the ghost, and everytime I do a self tan I get compliments up the ying yang!

My newest find was introduced to me a few weeks ago, and I have loved the results.  SUN Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion Set gives you everything you need to achieve a realistic tan.  Not orange, not stinky, not streaky….perfect!

One of my favorite bloggers The Self Tanning Queen Sinead Norenius (whose own self tanning line Beautisol is wonderful!) , gave this review and took the words right out of my mouth:

"This product is one of my favorites!  The lotion glides on pretty easily so you can work it into your skin without rushing, which helps prevent any streaking.  It has a light almond scent and looks fabulous on your skin right away.  Don’t let the guide color scare you!  It is pretty dark in the bottle and when it first goes on, but once you massage it into your skin it ends up looking like a “light latte” color.  This product gives a really natural color and seems to last longer than some of the others I have tried. "

Here are the details:

Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion:

  • provides a great dark tan any time of the year.
  • It will give a deep and long lasting sunless tan, while nourishing, revitalizing, hydrating and enhancing the elasticity of your skin.
  • Regular use will give a richer and longer lasting sunless glow all year long.
  • Ultra Dark Lotion's unique built-in bronzer enhancement works as a guide for people who want a deeper, darker tan that will last for days.
  • No more missed spots or application errors.

Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Exfoliating Body Scrub

  • Formulated with vitamins and natures own ingredients.
  • This Exfoliating Body scrub gently cleans and sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving your skin moisturized, revitalized, and prepared for the ultimate self tanning experience! .
  • This whole-body exfoliating scrub uses Apricot kernels to remove surface impurities and damaged skin.

Sun Laboratories Tan Maintainer Moisturizer

  • contains special emollients to condition dry skin and help it stay that way
  • keeping it smooth, soft, and supple.
  • This lotion has a very light texture and quickly absorps into the skin.
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