Sassoon Salon Holiday Packages

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Finding a good hairstylist can be as hard as finding a good man.  Especially when you have thick, unmanageable (I swear it has a mind of its own) hair like mine.  Big. It's huge. My hair is a hairstylists worst nightmare.  
Yet, a little over a two months ago I found my new hair partner for life, Madeline Lane.  I heart her.  Now, I will admit that I am not the easiest gal to win over when it comes to haircuts.  I have had my fair share of decent trims, but they are trumped by my lifetime of horrible haircuts.  Seriously, I have had more hairdresser try to "thin out" "take the bulk out" and essentially layer my hair to death.  I even have a horror story of how one hairdresser turned me into a female version of Billy Ray Cyrus.  Not pretty, and many tears were shed.  I did have a brief love affair with Quidad stylists, and I still highly recommend them….but my very fickle hair decided it didn't want to be curly anymore, so that ended the affair.
So, now that I have found my haircut soulmate, I wanted to pass on the love and hair luck to you this holiday season.  If you can't see my Madeline at the Sassoon Salon Costa Mesa salon, than I still say give a Sassoon stylist a try.  Madeline explained to me that their cutting techniques are made to create a beautiful grow out phase, and since my hair is still fantastic two months later I must agree with her! So run out and find your new hair love.  With these deals, it makes the love affair even sweeter!
"Winter can leave hair damaged and dilapidated so give that special someone the treatment they deserve and the look they've always desired. Sassoon Salon is offering a one off limited edition gift card and package this holiday season so you can treat a spouse, partner or friend as they sit back, relax and receive the ultimate hair experience.
Get down to your nearest Sassoon between November 28th and 30th December 2011 to take advantage of this extraordinary offer. Once purchased, the Gift Cards have no expiry so can be used as a present or to revamp your own style or simply indulge your hair."

Cut, Single Process Color, Treatment & Blow-dry for $175 (regularly $215)

Cut, Highlights, Treatment & Blow-dry for $280 (regularly $330)

Cut, Treatment, Blow-dry & Brow Trimming for $105 (regularly $155)

Three Haircuts & Blow-dries for $285 (regularly $315)
Three Single Process Colors & Blow-dries for $210 (regularly $240)
Three Highlights & Blow-dries for $525 (regularly $600)  
Three Treatments & Blow-dries for $180 (regularly $210)

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