Michael Maron Fun Fantasy Makeup Breakdown

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Michael Maron’s name is synonymous with the word “makeover.” His reputation as one of the world’s top beauty authorities, makeup artists, cosmetic developers and best-selling beauty authors is in a league of its own.  I am thrilled that he is now sharing some of his newest looks with The Makeup Blogger.  His kindness, and belief "that every woman possesses unique beauty… and that looking beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages" epitomizes everything I believe in.  

I hope you learn as much from his artistry and wisdom as I have. xoxo

"My vision for this look was to create a makeup design that morphs a bird-like quality with the classic beauty of Charlize Theron and the iconic innocense of Grace Kelly; an avant-garde twist without an overly exaggerated fantasy look. It's femininity meets exotic, and it's all about the eyes."


"First, and foremost, the brows functioned as a focal point and a starting point; they are, indeed, the frame for the eyes. I exaggerated the brows' shape to intentionally create unconventional brows."

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