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Currently obsessed
If you are anything like me, than you follow a ridiculous amount of blogs looking for a few great products.  I have filled my bookmarks tab with hundreds of "favorite products" to try out, only to forget about them, or get flustered that they are all over the place. 

Now, I simply "stalk" my favorite bloggers and their top beauty and style finds all in one place.  Oh Happy Day! 

The great thing about CurrentlyObessed.Me is that you can "stalk" your favorite bloggers in real time as they divulge their newest obsessions and favorite finds.  I personally update my page daily, so that the products I am loving (or are personal staples) are all in one place.  It is a great way to keep track of the latest and greatest goods I am using, or plan to use in the future.

So, please Stalk Me!  and join me in my newest obsession.  You can thank me later. xoxo

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