Senna Cosmetics MOD MUSE Collection

It is no secret that I have been a loyal fan of Senna Cosmetics for some time.  I first fell in love with them 3 years ago when I tried out their creamy pressed mineral foundation.  Then, they got me hook, line and sinker with their Mineral Eye Lift Powder.  I have an eye powder in my purse, my kit, and one at home.  Can't. Live. Without it!
Recently, I got to try out their newest collection, and was not dissapointed.  It is a rich and vibrant new take on 60's Mod.  The colors are deep forest greens, and sparkly light emerald eyeshadows, and soft peaches for the cheeks.  They are an interesting new way to try out a smokey eye for summer! 
Below, founder Eugenia Weston gives her step by step instructions on how to use her newest collection MOD MUSE.  

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