Too Faced Better Than Mascara

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80019_1_ I love the effect of false lashes, but unfortunately my lashes can't stand the glue.  It's always a frustrating battle for me.  I want the look of thick, fabulous lashes, but only end up with irritated eyes.  

So, you can understand my excitement when I was able to try Too Faced Better Than Mascara Nylon Lash Extension System.  

The system boasts two separate parts: The activating mascara and the nylon Fiber brush.  The trick of coasting the lashes with the fibers first is actually an old trick of the trade, and has been used for years by professional makeup artists.  The nylon fibers help to give the mascara something to cling to and provide the appearance of thicker lashes.  Too Faced made this trick easy by creating a small wand that puts the nyon right onto the lashes.  No muss, no fuss! 



  • Step one, prime:  Use 1-2 coats of the activating mascara to create a base to adhere the weightless, nylon fibers.
  • Step two, build: Brush on 1-2 coats of the Flexistretch nylon fibers to build outrageous length and volume. Focus the fibers where you want extra length or volume.
  • Step three, seal:  Finish by sealing the Flexistretch nylon fibers with 1-2 coats of the ultra-black activating mascara to create that "better than false lashes" effect. This final coat surrounds each nylon-coated lash and melts the fibers into a long, thick, dramatic lash.

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