The Makeup Blogger Survey!

I am thrilled to finally be posting about all of the new enhancements and expansions that are happening with The Makeup Blogger.  I have been working furiously this past month on the new site design, and my new home office and studio.  Within the next few weeks you will be seeing a sleeker, more engaging site, and starting in September The Makeup Blogger will be adding a new extension of the site called The Makeup Sessions!

On the new extension you will:

  • be able to interact with me via online workshops, and private makeup lessons.
  • connect with me and have me help you build a personalized "beauty shopping list"
  • listen to beauty related podcasts
  • watch how-to videos, and online makeup lessons
  • share your best beauty picks and personal beauty pictures!

Now that I am in the final stages, my most important task is to make sure the new site will not only be engaging, but to make sure that my loyal readership is beyond thrilled with the changes.  

xoxo, Christina 

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