Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Breast Cancer Awareness month is a very personal cause that is close to my heart, and effecting someone who is incredibly close to me.  This month is a daily reminder to me of her struggles.

So, you would think that I would be posting every day about the various BCA products flooding the stores right now, but I won’t be doing that. I have found that too many brands have jumped on the BCA awareness band wagon, making products that claim to be in support of the month, but truly give barley anything to the cause. I am appalled when I see brands that boast “5%” donation to the cause, although I understand that every penny counts, I refuse to promote a $25-50 dollar product that reaps the benefits of people buying said products in good faith, only to realize that barely any of their purchase went to the cause. 

For that reason, my focus is only on the companies and products that are donating  50% or more of net profits from the BCA product they are promoting.  I have rounded up my top favorite products that truly give back.  Thank you again to everyone who raises awareness, and fights against this horrific disease.

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