How to Harden Powder Shadow That Has Cracked

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What happens when your favorite eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, or compact falls to the ground and breaks into pieces?  Well, first you holler and shout to the makeup gods, and then you go grab an spray bottle of rubbing alcohol   Huh?  It’s true! This easy tip will save your smashed palettes, and make you a makeup warrior. 

 All you need is a little bit of alcohol and either a knife or a spatula and you can make it as good as new.


  • The trick is is to place the alcohol on top of the shadow
  • Next, you are going to form a type of a paste so you want to just gently with your knife or your spatula begin to kind of place together the broken pieces.
  • Once you have it in place, once you’ve covered all the cracks, you want to let this dry.
  • As the alcohol dries down it’s going to form a hard bond with the shadow so your shadow is going to be completely brand new.
  • I like to always keep a spray bottle of alcohol on hand actually as a preventative measures.
  • If you find that one of your eye shadows has a little crack in it just give a little spritz of alcohol, clean it up a little bit and therefore you’re really helping to make sure it doesn’t further crack, or doesn’t shatter
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