Senna Cosmetics Eyes And Face Palette

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senna holiday

I have a love/hate relationship with compact face and eye palettes. I love the thought of them, but most of the time I only like and use one or two colors and the rest is a waste of space.  I also can’t stand the little tins of lip gloss that get all over everything, and make the compact a mess.  See!! Love/hate at it’s best.

But, recently I was able to try out Senna Cosmetics Get A Nude Attitude Face Palettes. I received the  Warm Sultry Palette and instantly fell in love! Not only were the colors super wearable, but there wasn’t a needless color in the bunch.  All six colors were neutral, and blended together to create oodles of options.

The blush and highlighter also knocked it out of the park. Soft, and intensely flattering.   Gorgeous powder colors that are super flattering, and make day to night makeup seamless. 

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