10 Cold Weather Fashion and Beauty Trends

This next piece is perfect for the start of the year. Fashion and beauty trends that go hand in hand.  The pictures above show the looks, and beauty products that compliment them. Check out all the newest trends below!

10 Cold Weather Fashion Trends

Cold weather fashion brings with it a hefty dose of decadence after seasons of practicality. No matter what your budget, there are luxe pieces in every price point. If you borrow from these 10 trends, you are sure to look cold-weather chic. 

Passport to Style
Clothing is inspired by locations both frigid and tropical this season. Peruvian and Aztec knit blazers and sweaters, as well as Russian patterned coats and blouses, are quickly taking the place of winter solids. The look requires less accessorizing because of the intricate patterns, making it easier to wear.

Foxy Lady
Faux fur is everywhere this season, from hats to wraps to the trim of booties. Part Old Russian and part 1960s starlet, fur adds a dose of romance to dresses and basic denim. This season, you may want to play with colored faux fur accents in deep mustard, cranberry and plum.

Summer Color Infusion
Labor Day doesn't have to end the joyful hues hanging in your closet. Terra cotta, coral, fuchsia, chartreuse and light pink will look unexpectedly fresh next to the winter basics of black, gray and camel. You can wear a bold sweater or opt for shoes or jewelry in one of the shades for a more understated look.

Caped Crusaders
Swingy capes are an easy way to add polish and look expensive on a budget. When paired with a low ponytail and skinny denim, they will make any woman look like a fashion editor. Be on the lookout for gorgeous jewel tones, such as cobalt blue, deep turquoise and scarlet.

Lace it Up
Lace picked up steam this summer and has been translated into skinny slacks, accents on blazers and simple sheath dresses for winter. Black over nude will always be appropriate, but you might want to take advantage of coral, chartreuse or plum lace to look more current.

Winter Florals
Floral-patterned dresses and pants started out this summer as a nod to the 1990s. Since then, pink and lavender posies have been injected with rich plums and maize golds. They look best when paired with thick tights and cable knit sweaters.

Patterned Denim
Building on the colored denim trend of the past spring and summer, denim has picked up more dimension in the form of paisley, polka dot and floral finishes.

Layered Knits
Extra-long cardigans and chunky knits, when paired with ankle boots, will transform the primness of any skirt or dress.

Attic Treasures
You'll want to be on the lookout for vintage-inspired touches such as Neo Deco beading, full skirts, peplum flounces and Mid Century brocades to carry you through holiday parties this winter.

A Shot of Gold
Finally, after many seasons of silver you'll want to give gold a try. It looks particularly beautiful as gold sequined patterns on black or when paired with camel pants or pencil skirts.

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