Marietta Carter-Narcisse Makeup Artist Journal

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As a freelance makeup artist, we are required to wear many hats.  We must learn how to find the best products, run our own business, network, and keep everything organized and flowing smoothly.  

One of my mentors in this industry is Marietta Carter-Narcisse. She has been an influential artist in the movie world, and most recently was the department head for the movie Sparkle. Being the woman of wisdom that she is, she created a Weekly Planner for the working makeup artist.  This is SUCH a needed product. 

You can grab the planner by visiting THIS LINK: The planner includes:

Upcoming Events:

  • Makeup Artist Trade Shows
  • Award Shows
  • Film Festivals
  • Fashion Weeks

Be Organized For Work: 

  • Product Bucket List
  • Inspirational Quotes (I proudly provided one!)
  • Goals & Vision Board Pages
  • Expense & Mileage Report
  • Job Tracking Report

Here is a sample page below, with a inspirational quote from yours truly! 

 For those of you who would like to purchase this amazing new resource, Marietta has been kind enough to offer up a discount for the readers of The Makeup Blogger:

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