Photo Op Makeup Tips: How to Look Good in Pictures

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Today’s two posts come courtesy of a very amazing guest.  I am beyond thrilled that the incredible Nick Barose took time to share some of his makeup magic with me.  

Nick glammed up Gretchen Mol for the Donna Karen show during New York Fashion Week, and shared his tips on how you can look ready for the camera at all times.  His tips are perfectly transferable for everyday, and assures a natural and elegant makeup look. Enjoy!

“A lot of times people think they need to do a lot more which is true in theory but not really, you can still look like yourself and not look too painted” It’s really about using more powder on T zones and a bit more foundation to look more polished popping up certain features a bit more so you’re not completely washed out on camera.”



  • Invest in a good primer because it’ll really make a difference, I love the Koh Gen Do Pink Make Up Colour Base one because it has pigment in it that fills in fine lines and pores so your skin looks smoother in an instant.
  • On Gretchen I used the pink one to match her pink tone skin, I learned about this product from a fellow make up artist Elaine Offers who is Julianne Moore’s make up artist.


  • People think they need thicker foundation for the camera but they really don’t, if your skin is decent and doesn’t have a lot of pimples, or dark spots then why cover them?
  • Just use a sheer liquid foundation to even them out, Be sure to blend down the neck because in picture you’ll really see if you don’t.
  • Also I always tell people to match their foundation to their jawlines this way it blends in face and neck ( I suggest Estee Lauder DoubleWear Light Foundation)
  • People think they need brighter concealer under eyes which is too but if it’s too light then the flash will make it looks crazy, we all seen pictures of various stars with those white under eyes mishaps….I normally blend a bit of the foundation I’m using in to the concealer this way it all look related as opposed to this bright white stuff under eyes ( Try Cle De Peau The Concealer)
  • Always dust a sheer bronzing powder around perimeter of your face, it really helps shape them more with out you looking bronze “this is perfect especially when you’re showing forehead so it’s not just one big forehead in pictures like Hi!, here’s my Forehead!!!” (Use Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder)
  • Blotting powder on your T zone is your friend!, regular powder won;t cut it with the flash you need blotting powder, it has no colour so it just tone down shine (A favorite is Mac Blotting Powder)


  • Brows gets disappear especially at the tails so I normally sketch them on a bit more ( Dior Brows Definer)
  • A bit of thin black or dark brown liquid liner really really close to lash lines will really make them pop with out it looking like you’re wearing liquid liner, I LOVE the one from NARS Liquid liner, so easy to use because it’s like a thin sharpie, so easy even a cat can do it with their paws probably.
  • You don’t have to do this but it’s Oh So worth it if you do!!! it just takes a few practices but gluing on really natural looking individual lashes , I love ones that’s made for under lashes, you can usually get at Beauty Supply store or online ( Ardell Underlashes.) Put them on with tweezer and do  only 3-5 on outer corners and not more. also get them in brown if you can, they look more natural


  • A bit extra blush yes but not clown like, you can go brighter just blend around edges with sponge so colors pop but it’s diffused and not too bright., one that has subtle shimmer in it with out being sparkly will make skin look radiance when the flash hits your face ( Try Lancome)


  • line lips a bit even if you hate lip liner, you don’t have to line the whole mouth, just sketch it on the upper V and a bit on outer corners, this trick I learned from Kim Cattrall to give her lips definitions but never harsh or severe ( Jouer Lip Definer)
  • “My rule of thumb is, be a bit open mind that you’ll look different than your every day look, might be a bit more than you used to but if you can live with it then go for it “
  • ” A Smile will brighten up your face and make your eyes brighter, it’s better than any lipstick or mascara”
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