Top 10 Beauty Products For Summer

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 Since it is finally starting to get hot, I can feel summertime barreling ahead.  During the summer my hair is in a perpetual ponytail, and I the makeup becomes waterproof and minimal.  The list below is some of my old favorites, and newest additions that I will be relying on this summertime.  Enjoy! 

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10 Responses to Top 10 Beauty Products For Summer

  1. I only have a few of yours but knowing how popular the Tarte palette is makes me feel the need to buy it.

  2. Pink Sith says:

    Such great choices!! I’m going to look into that Lancome Waterproof Concealer!

  3. Phyrra says:

    Yay for the UD shadow pencils!

  4. Pammy says:

    Great list! I have always wanted to try the St. Tropez!!!

  5. The Petal color for the lippie is one of my favorites, I forgot about it! I need to pull it out, so perfect for summer!

  6. Teri says:

    Great list! I need to try that waterproof concealer for sure.

  7. Great minds think alike, we chose 3 of the same items!

  8. Carleen says:

    I’m going to be swatching the Tarte palette today. So excited!!!!

  9. jbrobeck says:

    Something tells me I need that Tarte palette!

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