I Have Full Lips, How Can I Make Them Stand Out?

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As a makeup artist, one of my favorite tricks is a two tone approach, especially used with a product that has both products in one (like my favorite Senna lip duo!).
  • I like to use a very beautiful nude shimmery lip gloss that is one or two shades darker from the accompanying lip gloss, that way you get depth and that creates the look and enhances a fuller lip.
  • Now, use a lipstick that has a quite a bit of shimmer in it. This will naturally already enhance the bigger lips because the sheen will catch the light.
  • To finish off, use a nude illuminating gloss in the center of the lips only. As you can see, with a lip gloss being applied in the center of the lips, it gives the illusion of fullness.
  • If you already have full lips to begin with, this will only enhance the sensuality of the fullness.

I hope these tips help. Remember to use a lipstick that is one or two shades darker than your normal lip color and a glass that is light and reflecting only in the center of the lips. 

The product I used in the video is from one of my tried and true (and much loved brand) Senna Cosmetics.  Check out the colors here! 

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