Guide To Fake Lashes

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There’s a ton of different options out there for you, but I’m going to tell you about some of the easiest and the most natural false eyelashes out there.
  • My first suggestion is, when looking for glue, I prefer the glues that are dark tone. I feel that this blends best with your eyelash and it keeps the glue from looking fake or sometimes giving a white overcast.

There are a couple of different options as well for natural looking false eyelash.

  • You can do individual lashes which are lashes that you place on in place that either are little sparse or if you just want a few lashes on the corners of your eyes to add a little bit of length and to open up the eyes that way. T
  • he next type of lashes is a little bit thicker. This is a type of eyelash look if you’re looking for volume and thickness. You want to concentrate on the false lashes that are dense.
  • The last set of lashes that I tend to like to use are lashes that help to provide a lengthening look. These lashes tend to be separated with the tips being longer. This gives you a wide-eyed look that is really gorgeous and helps to look great for a night out on the town.

That’s your basic guide to false eyelashes . Like I said, there are so many options and different lengths, different thickness and even different colors out there that you can play with. So, have fun and start with a natural look and go from there.

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