Top 5 Tips to Follow for Major Hair Growth

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by Sian Bitner Kearney

Whether you’re growing out a bad cut or just desperate for a long, sexy mane that could rival any Victoria Secret Model, growing your hair out isn’t quite as difficult as you may think. Sure it takes patience and a little finesse, but if you follow these five simple rules you’ll be long and lovely in no time!

#1 - Trim it Up:
Yes we know, when you’re trying to grow your hair the very last thing you want to even think about is getting it cut; however, you don’t have to commit to major inch loss for the cut to be effective. Ask your stylist to simply cut the ends,( ¼” or so) about every six weeks. This will keep split ends at bay while still retaining some of your growth each month.

#2 - Spray on That Conditioner:
You’ve heard of dry shampoo right? Well what about dry conditioner? Much like dry shampoo keeps roots fresh; dry conditioners keep fragile ends moisturized. Keeping ends well hydrated is imperative when you’re trying to grow your hair. Plus, the added moisture and shine will give your two or three day old blow out an added, sexy boost.

#3 – Stop Pony-ing Up
Whether it’s a post-workout hair emergency or your last resort in high humidity, most women love to throw their hair in a pony tail. Problem is, this go-to do can cause major breakage to your hair, leading to hair loss and major split ends. If you must do a pony tail, keep it loose and never pull higher than a couple inches above your neck line. As an alternate option, pull hair into a loose twist and secure with a hair clips or a few bobby pins.

#4 – Sleep in Satin
Ordinary cotton pillow cases cause friction during the night, often tearing out hair strands or creating knots. However, satin pillow cases are gentler on hair lessening the chance of hair loss and leaving hair tangle free.

#5-Take Your Vitamins
Much like your body needs vitamins to stay strong and healthy, so does your hair. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase specialized hair growth pills such as Viviscal, regular old biotin will do the trick. Start with one 5,000 microgram capsule a day and gradually work up to two for maximum hair health. Remember that a healthy diet and staying hydrated also play important roles in growing long, healthy hair so don’t forget your protein, veggies, and water!

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