How to Give Color to a Pale Face


Today's question is how to give color to a pale face. Well, as you can tell I am very pale myself but today I wanted to show you an example so I applied a self tanner. Now I know if you are anything like me when you hear self tanner you think Oompa Loompa but there are so many amazing formulations out there right now made specifically for women who have pale skin. One of my best tips for finding the perfect self tanner if you have pale skin is look for a self tanner that is in the mousse form and is also tinted. This is a great way to not only know where you are applying self tanner but to know how much you are applying. It's also buildable. Another tip is to make sure that when you are applying your self tanning mousse, you are using a mat. These make your self tan look air brushed on. Now if self tanning is not really for you if you are just like yeah, not that kind of girl, well then there are some extra tips. A simple powder bronzer works miracles. If you are pale, look for one that is a peach toned base or even a pink toned base. You want to stay away from anything too orangy. A lot of great companies have products that have a mosaic type of bronzer. These tend to work best for us pale skinned lasses. You want to find one that has a combination of pink and peach tones that will soften up your look. Even you can add one with a little bit of a sheen to it, just not shimmer. Another great way to perk up a pale face is use a bright pink or peach blush. NARS Orgasm is universal and one of my favorites. Also don't forget mascara and look for a lip gloss or lip balm that has a nice rose tint to it. All of these will help to warm up and brighten a pale face but embrace it, pale is beautiful and with these simple tricks you can add a little bit of color without overwhelming your skin tone.


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