On Trend: 2014 Spring/Summer Nail Trends


by Sian Bitner Kearney:

With reports of bad weather still circulating through newsrooms everywhere, it’s hard to believe that spring and summer are anywhere in sight! However, the new nail trends for the upcoming season are so hot, they are certain to add a few degrees to even your chilliest of days! Here are our top four picks for nail trends you MUST try!

#1 – Primary is Pretty Stepping out of the box of pinks and reds, this season’s hottest shades are a few of your grade school favs! Muted shades of orange, yellow, green, and blue are heating up the runways and adding serous wow factor to nails everywhere, adding a bit of extraordinary to your everyday apparel.

#2 – Nude is Nice No shocker to women who love their polish that nude is still a hot color for the upcoming spring/summer season. However, this season’s nude is not just restricted to boring beige. Very pale greys and browns are being added to the naked family for a look that is conservative without feeling too safe.

#3 – Darken it Up If you truly want to draw some attention, try one of the season’s super dramatic shades. Deep black, forest green, and sapphire blue are all at the top of the hot list for the season, bringing a little bit of naughty to even your sweetest of looks.

#4 – Bring on the Sparkle If color isn’t your bag, why not add a bit of dazzle to your nails? In lieu of bright and bold colors, another new nail trend is sparkle. Whether you choose a subtle hint of sparkle with a coat of glitter polish in silver or gold, or go for full-on glam by gluing individual crystals to the nails, either is perfect for a special night on the town!

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