Styles of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

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Today, I’m going to be showing you different styles of semi-permanent eyeliner. Now, semi-permanent eyeliner can either be in the form of a gel eyeliner or a felt tip pen liner, and I prefer the felt tip pen liner – I feel it gives you a lot more flexibility, and you can create a few more different and exciting classic looks with them.

I’m here to show you how in the video above!

Step one: We’re going to start with the thinnest type of liner, and this is really just to enhance the look at the base of your eyelashes, something that gives you a quick and easy thick, voluminous eyelash look.

Step Two: give a little bit of a wing on the end of the eyeliner just by simply doing a flick near the lower and farthest part of the eyelashes.

Step three: would be to make a cat eye. Now, this is very popular for night or for any type of smoky eye look. To do this, simply start with the original thin eyeliner, and have it increase in size and thickness towards the outer rim of the eye.

And, there you have it: Different styles of semi-permanent eyeliner.

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