Reasons to Use Absorbent Powder

Today’s question revolves around reasons to use absorbent powder, or "mattifying powder". You want to use an absorbent powder if you have oiliness within your T-zone, or if you feel that your face gets excessively shiny throughout the day.
What you want to look for is a powder that is called a "blotting powder", "an oil control powder", or "mattifying powder".  You can also use oil control papers that replace the need for powder and tend not to leave as much buildup on the skin.

I hope this helps, and remember that when you’re using these powders, use them sparingly. You just want to use them on the areas that get too oily or too shiny throughout the day.  Also, be careful not to overpowder, which can lead to a cakey finish on the skin. 




  1. Thank you for the tips!

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