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Who says beauty and makeup do not go hand in hand? I’ll prove them wrong.

Blissfulicious All Natural Skincare

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The Angelina Effect: Turning Awareness Into Action

Blissfulicious is an all-natural skincare line that is making waves with its ability to crush the thought that natural means ineffective. We are excited to profile Founder Jael Torrez as she shares how the line came to be and where it is going.
Many of us live in fear of getting cancer. But what if you knew that you stood an 85% chance of getting it? Would you lop off body parts in an attempt to outwit the cancer? Well, as most of us recall, that’s exactly what Angelina Jolie did after testing positive for BRCA1 – the “cancer gene.” She made that difficult decision to undergo a preventative mastectomy in order to prolong her life.

After testing positive for the same cancer gene last year, Jael Torrez, has made it her mission to bring awareness to men and women of all ages of this deadly gene and what we can do to eliminate the effects of harmful chemicals in our personal care regimen.

Unable to find any face and body scrubs on the market that didn’t contain one or more of the harmful chemicals that her doctors told her to stay away from, she set out to create something on her own. And Blissfulicious was born!
She hand curated a long list of ingredients that she knew would be beneficial to her skin – lemon, lime, coconut oil, lavender, peppermint oil, cocoa powder, even coffee grounds – and went to work testing and researching in her own lab. Whatever got a passing grade from her and her doctors meant she could help other people in the same situation.

Her goal was very clear: she wanted the clinical effectiveness of expensive cosmetic actives, the healing aspect of natural ingredients, no animal testing, & every formulation was made with a conscious understanding of what our skin is: Our body’s largest organ.

One by one her testing and research came up as clear winners, and she began targeting the general population urging customers to become more informed about what they were using on their skin and the culprits that lurk in our personal care products that sometimes cause more harm than good.

This message instantly resonated with customers, with many voicing their surprise to the effectiveness of this natural product. Sales began to pick up week by week and they now have 9 different scrubs for sale on their website, as well as a men’s line and a teen’s line in the works.

What she ending up creating was not only natural – it turned out to be the best multi-tasker a woman could have. It’s a makeup remover, exfoliator, cleanser, and moisturizer – all in one jar. The coconut oil base soaks right into the skin without leaving a greasy mess as opposed to synthetic oils found in moisturizers. They like to say you will never need one drop of moisturizer after experiencing Blissfulicious.

The power is in your hands to take action with your health and be aware of what you put on your skin! Use the “Angelina Effect” to truly affect change for someone incredibly important: YOU. You owe it to yourself and those you love.

You can find Blissfulicious products at

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Carrie Underwood on Makeup, Personal Style, and Almay

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carrieunderwoodquoteAlmay’s newest ambassador Carrie Underwood shares her ideas on what beauty means to her, and why she is proud to be the newest ambassador for Almay.

On Beauty: “Beauty is about how you feel. Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated and is personal. Every woman possesses something that is absolutely gorgeous and that nobody else possesses. It is all about finding out what makes you strong and what makes you beautiful. I love women who feel beautiful for ‘what they got!’.”

Love for Almay: ”I have always loved Almays approach to makeup. It doesn’t have to be expensive or making you into someone that you are not. Confidence and being comfortable and things you can see on the outside when you feel them on the inside. The right makeup that can enhance what is already gorgeous about you can make all the difference.”

Her moto: “So simple. So me.”

In the video below, Carrie talks about what makes a woman truly beautiful and why she chose Almay:

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Almay. All views expressed are my own.

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The Style 2020 Event!

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Next month I will be attending the Style 2020 event in Newport Beach, CA and I would love to see all of my beauty mavens! Style 2020 is hosting a private style and beauty red carpet event on May 2nd at the Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA. Featuring guest speakers include Kathryn Moore, Cindy Carrandi from Sephora, and Nicole Simpson from L’Oreal. Lunch and a Champagne open bar will be available to attendees as well! 

The topic of discussion is “How do define style?” and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s personal take on the subject.

To find out more about this very cool event, make sure to follow #style2020 hashtag and the style 2020 twitter handle @style_2020


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Remembering Talia Castellano

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san diego living

I have to take a moment today to honor a very special young lady, who lost her battle to cancer today. Talia Castellano was an inspiration to alot of us, and showed what complete grace and strength she had in the face of her illness. 

Her YouTube videos were a complete reflection of her vibrant, funny, and warm personality, as she gave her makeup tutorials and stated that “makeup is my wig”. 

Although I never got the chance to meet her, I was touched by her and loved her spirit. I am heartbroken at this loss.. 

I wanted to share the video of Talia, when she was able to meet her hero Ellen Degeneres. I send all my love to her family and friends.  She was a special gift. 

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The Declaration of Freedom for My Body

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The Declaration of Freedom for My Body

Freedom for Your Body by Erica Sun

United States celebrated its 237th year of freedom from Britain last Thursday on July 4, 2013. This celebration can also serve as a reminder for you to wage peace with your bodies. Especially with beach weather looming over your heads, it is body showtime for all of you lovely ladies. Whether it may be bikinis, shorts, mini-skirts, tank top, or cropped shirts, summer clothing is all about revealing the skin. And which girl would not want to look her absolute best this summer?

Although makeup, perfume, clothing, and beauty accessories can be used to accentuate your natural look, celebrating your flaws is the true key to beauty. The difference in body types, body shapes, skin tones, skin types, and hair textures are what sets you apart and makes you gorgeous the way you are. Pledge to accept and love your flaws this summer!

Get fired up with these tips for a confidence-killer summer:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and night and boldly proclaim how beautiful you are and how you love each of your flaws. Be sure to name all your flaws.

2. Find comfort in knowing that everyone has weak spots where they feel insecure. The idea of bodily flaws arises when you feel that certain parts of yourself are different from other people. Your uniqueness defines you individually and makes you “you” and not someone else. Otherwise, imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was perfect and looked the same.

3. Know that the personality and the persona you portray speak stronger than your outer appearance.

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QVC Cancer and Careers

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A lipstick can change someone’s look, but can it change a life?It certainly can on April 25, 2013, 9-11pm ET when QVC® and Cosmetic Executive Women Present Beauty with Benefits, a Multimedia Event in support of Cancer and Careers. Go to to find out more!

Do something beautiful when you shop Beauty with Benefits, featuring some of the leading names in color cosmetics, fragrance, skin, body, and hair care, all with a special gift with every purchase.

Beauty with Benefits 2013 from Cancer and Careers on Vimeo.

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Origins Earth Day Post

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To celebrate Earth Month 2013, Origins is debuting four limited edition products that provide the essential skincare prep needed for a fresh outlook. In partnership with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf; an education and action program that helps individuals, agencies and corporations improve the local and global environment by planting and caring for trees, Origins will plant a tree for each limited edition product purchased from April 21-28, 2013.

Some of my favorite Origins products:

  • GinZing – the latest addition to the collection is the Energy-boosting moisturizer which revitalizes lackluster skin and jumpstart hydration levels
  • Clear Improvement – unclog pores with this cult favorite mask, containing activated charcoal to clear skin.

6 Eco Beauty Brands for Earth Day | Shecky’s

Formerly known as “Sprout,” SW is a Brooklyn-based cosmetics brand making bath and beauty products you might actually eat by mistake (and um, love, either way). From a Origins Ginzing Natural Deodorant from Origins

ReLeaf by the Numbers | American Forests

American Forests announces 25 Global ReLeaf projects for 2013 that will plant 1.8 million trees across 5000 acres in the U.S. and around the world.

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