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Prevent Your Hair From Breakage with L’Oreal Triple Resist

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tripleresistI recently made a very drastic hair change.  I went from my natural redheaded glory, to a golden shiny shade of blonde.  Why?  Well, the first answer would be that my luscious locks turned grey almost 5 years ago, and keeping my “natural” hair color maintained was killing my wallet (they say blondes can blend greys easier).  The real answer?  I needed a change. I needed a “pick yourself out of your daily routine and feel sexy again” change.  And yes, I love my new blondeness.  It makes me feel….pretty.  But, with that golden glory comes some very dry, and damaged split ends. My hair hates me.

So, what is a newly blonde lass to do?  Well, the first thing she needs to do is run and get a super hydrating and strengthening hair routine in place.

Recently, I was able to put L’Oreal Triple Resist to the test. We all know that I am in love with the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Balm, so I had very high hopes for the Triple Resist line.  It did not disappoint.  To say that the line feels expensive is an understatement.  It feels luxurious and worthy of it’s very expensive competitors. Needless to say, I have it now it in the permanent hair treatments category. Effective and affordable? Yes, please!  I especially loved that the amount of hair breakage, and shower clogging sadness has been greatly reduced (this makes Mike a huge fan as well!).

The Breakdown:

  • Reduces hair fall due to breakage by 64% when using system of shampoo, conditioner and treatment together.
  • Utilizes arginine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the hair follicle. This powerful amino acid leaves hair three times more resistant to weakness.
  • The Ultimate Strength Solution is intended to be used as a daily leave-in product, which leaves my hair feel glossy, and full. I spray this on immediately after the shower on my damp hair.


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Trend Alert: Hair Trends to Follow for 2015

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hairtrends2015We have the top three hair trends to help you get the best looks to pump up your gorgeous locks!top three hair trends

#1 – The Low Pony
Few styles are as sleek and elegant as the low pony tail but we love this look for two more reasons; it’s quick and easy! Whether you’re darting out the door for a 7:00 am meeting or making a quick transition from a day of errands to an evening with friends, the low pony is the easiest way to freshen up your look in about two minutes flat. Whether loose or tight, your pony should hang right around the nape of the neck. If you really want to spruce things up, use a decorative clip  or band to secure your pony tail or add a headband to the front of the hair.

#2 – Deep Side Part
Most stylists will agree that something as simple as where you part your hair can completely change your look without needing to do anything else, and that is certainly the case with the deep side part. While this look may take some getting used to, especially for those who have spent the past several years rocking the center part, trust us; it’s totally worth it! For an elegant look, try the deep side part with retro waves ala Veronica Lake. For some Rock n Roll flare, use a Texturing Hair Spray  and back comb to create fullness from mid-length down.

#3 – Rockn’ Waves
Think funky waves are just for the beach? Well think again! 2015 is all about those textured bed head waves but with a bit more volume than the ones of summer. This looks works well with both a deep side part and a center part, but the key word to remember is “wave”. Polished, pretty curls are not what you’re going for so keep those waves natural looking. Try a flatiron to create great waves if you have naturally straight hair, or try out our newest favorite The Beachwaver. For girls with a natural wave, scrunch in a good Texturing Hair Spray  and call it a day. The wilder the better, so don’t forget to pump up the volume on this look and certainly don’t forget the hairspray to lock it all in.

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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The Scent Of Summer

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dolceandgabanna4When I was 19 I was able to live in Europe for a year, and the scents and stunning seaside still grab my heart to this day. There is nothing more amazing than the Mediterranean Sea. Nothing.dolceandgabbana

Just last week I was able to travel down memory lane during a summer soiree celebrating Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue and their new limited edition fragrances. Normally I am not one for parties (a glass of wine by the pool is more my speed nowadays) but I was thrilled to be able to take a momentary glance at some of my past Mediterranean loves.

First off, the colors are crisp, clean, and sensual. The party immediately hooked me in with some watermelon cocktails (a must try! Watermelon juice, vodka, lemon and seltzer water) and then I got to sniff around and let my memory take me away. I love the sexy scents. Seriously. It brought back memories of the golden sun and my once tiny bikini body.

Dolce&Gabbana created their iconic fragrance Light Blue as a tribute to the sexiness of the sea and the summer. One of the things I love the most about the scent is how simple it is. We all know that my husband can’t stand anything too sweet on me, so I was thrilled that I could find a scent that he didn’t balk at. This was light enough that he loved it, and sexy enough that I wanted to bathe in it. Another plus was that the Light Blue Pour Homme made me go gaga for Mike when he spritzed it on. Ladies, believe me that this one is a deal breaker. It smells amazing on your man!

Here are some details for the ladies:
• Top Notes: cedar, crisp apple and bluebell
• Middle Notes: bamboo, jasmine and white rose
• Base Notes: citron wood, amber and musk
Here are some details for the men:
• Top Notes: juniper, bergamont, grapefruit and mandarin
• Middle Notes: pepper, rosemary and rosewood
• Base Notes: incense, musk, and oak


The two newest limited edition fragrances are just as sensual as the first two. Dolce&Gabbana created a softer and sweater version of its iconic fragrance, but they are most definitely not overwhelming.
Sunset in Salina:
• Notes of violet, vine leaves, orange flower and jasmine with a base of Amber, white musk and cedar
Swimming In Lipari:
• The fragrance for men has a base of grapefruit with Amber, Musk, and rosemary.

For me, I will be wearing Light Blue for the rest of summer (all while sipping that great watermelon cocktail!) and making sure Mike is wearing his Light Blue….grrr. If you would like to feel like you are basking in the sweet Mediterranean Sea then I highly suggest you run to Sephora and grab up some for yourself. Spritz on, grab a cocktail and dream of the blue ocean my friends!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dolce&Gabbana through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue all opinions are my own

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Summer Beauty Trends for the Office

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Summer is officially upon us, and you’re ready to trade in that heavy face of winter for a more refreshed, sun-kissed, but still work-appropriate look. How should it be done? Here’s a few of our favorite runway trends from this season’s top designers.  There’s something for everyone, so choose accordingly. summerbeautytrendsforoffice2

Purple Eyeshadow {from the runway of Versace}
Try out some universally flattering shades for the office, like navy or eggplant.  A little pop of color will really enhance your eyes.

Rimmed Grey Eyeliner {from the runway of Sophie Theallet}
Temper your flair for dramatic, heavily rimmed raccoon eyes and choose a soft gray or brown over black for a fresh summer look.

Honey Hued Makeup {from the runway of Meadham Kirchhoff}
To add warmth to fair skin sans self-tanner, go for a creamy, honey-tone blush. Dab shimmering copper shadow on eyelids and rosy bronze gloss on lips for a total summery complexion.

Classic Black Liner {from the runway of Badgley Mischka}
Black liner over a bare eye is timeless. Thicken the line as you work your way toward the outer edge and finish with a mini tick. Keep remaining makeup minimal to ensure a clean, unfettered appearance.

Smokey Brown Eyeshadow {from the runway of Chanel}
Black smoky eyeshadow is likely too bold for the workplace. Choose an earthy brown instead for a winning look.

Bright Pink Lip Gloss {from the runway of Moschino Cheap & Chic}
A glossy pink lip is feminine and eye-catching and never too over-the-top for work.

Red Lipstick {from the runway of Jason Wu}
The classic color is completely workable, so long as you choose a tomato shade over a superdark Goth one and pair with neutral eyes and cheeks. Still shy about flaunting rouge lips at the office? Save them for the evening happy hour with coworkers.


by Catherine Addis of Vow of Makeup

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Best Beauty Trends of 2015

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Best Beauty Trends of 2015Here are some beauty trends to try out for your most dazzling — and slightly daring — look this year!


The New Red Lip

A red pout has always been a staple of chic, and this year is no different. What is new is the finish: a soft stain instead of slick and glossy or matte.

says Emma Willis, a makeup artist with Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge in Los Angeles. “With the rest of the face muted and natural, the total effect was soft and very feminine” says Emma Willis, a makeup artist with Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge in Los Angeles

This year’s hues range from crimson and scarlet to cherry or pink-red, and you can find stains in balms, crayons or pots. Pat it on with your fingers, or for a crisper look, outline the outer edges of you lips with a pencil and then fill in.

Assertive Arches
Brows aren’t backing down. They’re stronger and thicker than ever. On the fashion runways, wildly exaggerated arches were created with lots of tinted brow gel, powder or pencil and a stay-put wax. You might not want to go quite that bold, but put down the tweezers for a few weeks — except for cleaning up stray hairs well below your arch — and see how you look with more brow-wow.

Jewel-box Eyes
This is the year you’ll want to adorn yourself in sapphire, jade, turquoise and emerald. And yes, you can afford it! We’re not talking gems, but eye shadow and liner in jewel tones.

Try a thin swipe of green or blue liner along your upper lashes and a wash of shimmery or satin shadow on your lid. Keep it simple. “We’re doing a single color on the lid instead of the multiple hues of the smoky eye,” says Willis. “It’s fresh and glamorous at the same time.”

Glowing Skin
Fresh, glowing skin is the perfect complement to dramatic brows and sparkling eyes. Here’s how to get it right:

  1. Prep your skin with a primer along the T-zone. “Most women use far too much primer,” says Willis. “You don’t need it everywhere.”
  2. Using a foundation brush, apply a slightly luminous foundation. Look for words like “radiance” or “illuminating” in the product’s name.
  3. Buff with a makeup sponge for a flawless finish, and apply a very light dusting of translucent powder to set. “Use a large round powder brush instead of a powder puff,” suggests Willis.
  4. Create beautifully flushed cheeks with cream blush. “Warm a small amount on your fingertips,” advises Willis. “Smile and then press onto the apples of your cheeks.”

Do-it-your-way Hair
Low ponytails, high top knots, loops, braids, buns and beehives. With the Hollywood awards season in full sway, hair has more turns and twists than the plot of the Twilight saga. No one look is dominating the red carpet. The trend:  try something new. Whatever ‘do’ you choose, remember that healthy, well-cared-for hair is always in style!

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Everyday Loose Waves!

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easyeverydayloosewavesYour wedding day can be completely stressful, especially when it comes to bridal beauty.  I thought that I would be ok, since I work in the beauty industry…but I was wrong. So very, very wrong.  For the month of June and July I am going to be sharing all my bridal beauty tips and I am going to start with some easy tips for beautiful and super simple bridal hair.  For my wedding, I wanted to do simple loose waves.  Luckily for me, I was able to try out some new products by Suave Professionals that helped me get my bridal look down pat!


NEW Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion collection is a salon-inspired range of products infused with a carefully chosen blend of rich minerals from the sea for effortless volume.  During your wedding, you want your hair to withstand humidity and look full and luxurious.  Since wedding costs can be overwhelming, I welcomed the chance to try out an affordable products that would give me maximum results.

  •  Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo & Conditioner system provides hair with 24-hour body and moisture that is easy to style.
  • Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo contains no heavy silicones and helps remove build up from hair for natural looking body and bounce.
  • Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Conditioner offers just the right amount of conditioning for natural, healthy looking body and bounce.

The Texturizing spray is also key.  I didn’t want my curls to loose too tight…I wanted sexy, loose waves that screamed romance.  After shampooing and conditioning your hair, spray the Texturing spray all over wet hair before you blow dry your hair.

  • The Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray helps create a loose, textured look with full-bodied waves that last up to 24 hours.
  • Salon proven to add texture as well as Bumble and bumble. Surf® Spray

Below are 3 easy steps to do this for yourself at home, or for your big day! 


STEP 1: Separate your hair into small sections, as you work a 1 1/2 inch curling iron around your head, starting from the front.  Curl from the ends up to the middle of the hair shaft. Hold for 10 seconds.


STEP 2: Always remember to alternate the direction of the curling iron barrel.  You don’t want uniform curls that look old fashioned. Keeping the curls loose, and going in different directions will give a more natural and sexy look.


STEP 3: (and you can have a friend help you with this part!)  Use a large 2 inch curling iron for the back of the hair.  Start at the top of the head, with the curling iron facing horizontally.  Curl four sections from top to bottom for volume.



So let me know, how do you #StyleItYourself


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Suave Professionals® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Discover the Beauty of the Sea with NEW Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion products.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Suave Professionals® . The opinions and text are all mine.

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Easy Hairstyles for Summer

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easyhairstylesforsummerWhile some parts of the country have been lucky enough to ease into summer with a touch of spring still lingering in the air, the rest of the country has already begun to feel the sting of hot temperatures and hair devastating humidity! So what’s a girl to do? When it comes to summer styles, it’s best to keep it simple and classic.
These are five of our favorite summer styles that require minimum fuss and minimum products to achieve.

thelobhaircutWhile many women gasp at the thought of trimming their mane into a traditional bob, the lob (or long bob), gives women a free spirited style without feeling too drastic. Best part of the lob is that most women find a natural wave or texture magically appears with this cut. See your stylist for the perfect length (and layers as applicable) and then apply a styling cream for that tousled bed head look.

Take it to the side! While a traditional braid may seem a bit juvenile or undone for the average beauty, a side braid suggests sophistication with a hint of playfulness.

  • To create the look, start with a volumizing mouse or cream to give the hair body while controlling flyaways.
  • Next, pull hair to one side and create a loose braid. Secure with a hair tie, and you’re good to go!

topknothairstyle Perhaps one of the easiest looks in hairstyle history, the topknot can literally be styled in under 5 minutes but go from casual to formal with just the pull of a tendril.

  • Before pulling hair into a topknot, it’s always best to start with either day old hair or add grit to the hair with a texturizing cream.
  • Next, pull hair into a pony tail on top of your head and then pull hair half way through the band one more time to create the knot.
  • To add some sexy to this sassy look, pull a few pieces of hair down around your face and neck line and lightly curl with a large barrel iron to give them some bend. Finish with a touch of hairspray, and you’re out the door.

Pony with an attitude! Attention ladies, the ponytail has officially moved out of the gym and out on the town. That’s right; this simple style is no longer reserved for yoga pants and lazy days. All you need to spice it up is a simple accessory; the headband. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie. Next, select your headband. From crystals and bows to skinny and silky, these hair accessories are the perfect complement to any attire.

Back from the beach waves! Of all our looks, there is perhaps none sexier than beachy waves. The tousled, textured perfection may seem like it’s only diva friendly but even beauties on borrowed time can rock it.

  • Start with damp, freshly washed hair and apply ample amounts of sea salt spray. Next, either allow hair to air dry while randomly scrunching, or use a finger diffuser to speed up the process.
  • Add a touch of glossing serum to combat frizz, use fingers to style, and go show off your sexy!


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