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The Pixie Cut: A Style for Every Season!

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Pixie Must


You’ve heard the saying, “go big or go home” but usually when it comes to a hairstyle change, we women shy away from this concept. Most will add a few highlights or lowlights and even chop our luscious locks into a bob, but if you’re really ready for a change the pixie cut is the way to go.

Starlets everywhere from Charlize to Beyonce have been bidding adieu to their great lengths in favor of a fun and fearless pixie cut.

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A New Way To Glow!

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 It may be hard to believe, but despite the bitter cold and cloudy days, spring is just around the corner. Along with longer, brighter days, spring also brings skin-baring fashion to the forefront, making your gloomy, pale skin feel a bit late for the party. If you’ve tried other self tanners in the past and they left you feeling a little less than impressed, than perhaps it’s time to give St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil a try.

Unlike some lotion and mousse based self tanners, St. Tropez’ Dry Oil moisturizes and nourishes skin leaving you with the ultimate golden glow and skin that’s incredibly soft. This self tanner is also a best bet for those who despise that typical self tanner smell, as the essential oils that leave the skin feeling like silk, also leave behind a mild, pleasant fragrance.

If you’re also not a fan of that dark, greenish guide color other St. Tropez products leave you to deal with until morning, you’ll be happy to know that while there is a touch of initial color to help the application stay even, the color is a far more natural, golden hue meaning…no more hiding from your loved ones until after your morning shower!

Application of the St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil is much like all of their other tanning products – simply apply evenly with the Applicator Mitt, allow to dry before dressing, wait a minimum of four hours to shower and voila – instant post-vacation glow! Your newly applied tan can be deepened with additional applications and should last between 5-10 days while keeping skin moisturized for up to 7 days!

So grab a little St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil and prepare to get your glow on! With skin this golden and silky smooth, you’ll be dying to show it off!

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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Have Celebrity Confidence

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Find Your Inner Celebrity Confidence:

I constantly come across women and men that are never satisfied with how they look. From weight to the shape of their face, they always feel bad about how they look. I try to remind them that everyone's different and even those celebrities they admire aren't perfect. The truth is, we all deal with our own body confidence issues. I have a few tricks I've picked up from celebrities to help me feel confident even when I might not feel like I look my best.

Dress For You

I don't have to wear the latest trends if they don't work for my body. Dress for your body type and you'll feel far more confident. Be comfortable in your own skin and your beauty will shine through. Demi Lovato isn't ashamed of her curves. Embrace what makes you unique, don't hide it.

Be Grateful

Victoria Justice may seem perfect, but she isn't always happy with her body. Instead of obsessing, she takes a step back and thinks about what is right. She's grateful to be healthy and lets the body issues drift away.

Alter Ego

Okay, so it may sound silly, but embrace your alter ego. Pretend you're someone else when you're not feeling confident with your looks. Even Beyonce embraces her alter ego Sasha when she doesn't feel super confident on stage.

Basically, forget your imperfections and just love yourself. Confidence is sexy!

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MD Complete Skincare

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I am always on the hunt for a product that’s effective, low maintenance, and not insanely expensive.  Recently, a good friend of mine sent me an email about a new product that she was obsessed with.  Needless to say, her email below got my attention:

"so…..they approached me to write a commercial and i wanted to try the product first - in part, so i knew what to write about, but more interesting to me was that they had research showing hands-down results that beat out Obagi for fine lines and wrinkles - which i had just spent a fortune on - AND that you could see results in five days. FOR $30. i literally started that monday and saw a difference by friday. and then the results just kept getting better. here i am after two months. they’re secret sauce is in how they deliver prescription-strength anti-age ingredients without being irritating or requiring multiple steps. no one has been able to do this, apparently. UNTIL NOW"

I introduce you to MD Complete by Dr. Brian Zelickson.  The line has two main skincare systems, the Anti-Aging and Skin Clearing, which can be used together to create a personalized skincare routine. The line is available at Target, meaning that you can receive dermatologist grade, amazing skincare for a fantastic price.  I will be running out to grab the Advanced Wrinkle Repair this week! 

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Be a Better Person- Starting Today!

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To start the New Year off right, we share on how to kick that blah feeling to the curb! 

If you’ve been feeling a little crabby lately -- maybe you feel more stressed or extra burdened than ever -- it is possible to give yourself a personal reboot and be the kind of person others admire.

Our experts offer seven ways to increase your generosity, patience and tolerance -- starting today.

Tip No. 1: Fill Your Personal “Pitcher”

Before you can be bighearted towards others, you have to do what certified health and wellness coach and registered dietician Adrienne Raimo calls “filling your pitcher” first. “This means taking care of yourself and your body,” says Raimo. “To be the best you can be, do your best to eat well, exercise and reduce stress. Otherwise, you’ll feel depleted.”

Tip No. 2: Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions

“The first step to becoming your best self requires brutal honesty,” says Kerry Connelly, a certified life coach. “Ask yourself what you’re good at, what your faults are and what are the things that repeatedly come up that hold you back. By becoming aware of your constant frustrations and the ways in which you’re responsible for them, you’ll experience a greater sense of peace and well-being.”

Tip No. 3: Find a Way to Be Compassionate

So much of our negative actions are based in fear, says Jen Hancock, author of several books, including The Humanist Approach to Happiness. Ironically, the antidote to that fear is compassion. “When we view negative people and situations through a compassionate lens, we no longer view people who scare us as giant ogres. They’re frail humans, just like us.” Next time someone cuts you off in traffic or posts something on your Facebook feed that gets under your skin, think a kind thought: “Maybe he was in a rush because of a family emergency,” or “I may not agree with her, but I admire her passion for her cause.”

Tip No. 4: Own Your Own Stuff

That means taking responsibility for both your successes and failures without beating yourself up for it, says life coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus. “Decide that you’re going to stop making excuses to anyone, especially yourself. No more: ‘Sorry I’m late, there was a slow truck and I hit every light.’ Try, instead: ‘Sorry I’m late. I just didn’t allow myself quite enough time to get here.’”

Tip No. 5: Be Thankful for the Good -- and Bad

It’s not always easy to be thankful for rough times, but they help you to become a better person, suggests Colene Elridge, a life coach in Lexington, Ky. “When you’re experiencing something unfavorable in your life, stop and say, ‘What am I learning from this that I didn't know before?’ Use every experience as an opportunity to learn.”

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Top Nail Trends for 2015

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Now that the holiday season is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to put some thought into which looks to rock for 2015. While hair and makeup is always key in perfecting every day beauty, every true diva knows that to achieve polished perfection, never ignore the nails! We have four must have looks to help you nail 2015 in style.

Nude Glitter Nails
Whether you’re looking for a nail color to ring in the New Year or just prefer a neutral look with a little bit of pop, a nude/gold shimmer color is the perfect choice! Pair it with your favorite party dress for added glamour or use it to help dress up an every day look.

Argyle Sophistication
If you’re totally over the nail charms and reverse French tips, why not go Ivy League with your look? This burgundy and silver argyle-tip manicure is the perfect pair for your 2015 workday. The pattern is conservative enough to rock in the boardroom but still has just enough kick for it to become the center of conversation at happy hour.


Blingy Tips
If you love the bling but hate the slightly juvenile look that a full glitter nail can bring, than topping your favorite color with just a tad of bling is your perfect pick! For a dressy look, pair silver and gold glitter with dark colors like red, sapphire or black. For day, try a touch of silver or gold with more neutral colors like beige or lavender.

Dress Up Your Nail
For some serious pizazz, pick one nail per hand to jazz up with sparkles and keep the remaining nails a simple color. Again, red, black and deep jewel tones work best to make this look pop, but if you prefer a simpler look, the same process can be done with a nude or pink nail.

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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5 Winter Beauty Tips

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Even if you love a winter wonderland, your skin may not. The chilly, dry air and shorter days can bring on a dry, dull complexion. In my job as a celebrity makeup artist, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you appear glowing all year long.

The secret is having the right products to create the perfect look. Here are the five that I swear by:

1. A healing ointment. A tube of Aquaphor does triple-duty against chapped skin. I always have a tube on hand to soothe dry lips, hydrate rough patches of skin and soften cuticles. It especially works wonders if you apply it before bedtime. I always have a tube on hand.

2. Tinted moisturizer. Many women make the mistake of reaching for a heavier cover-up during the winter, believing that their pale complexions need extra coverage. But this can lead to a caked-on look. Instead, I recommend a light tinted moisturizer: It hydrates and brightens at the same. The result: Dewy skin that stands out in the crowd. Simply use a shade or two lighter than your summer color, and apply with a sponge brush. Then pat off any excess product with a tissue.


3. Exfoliating scrub. To achieve fresh-looking skin, you need to slough off the top layer of dead cells. That’s why I recommend using a gentle exfoliating scrub once or twice a week; a drugstore brand, such as Aveeno or Neutrogena, does the job. Just don’t go overboard. Exfoliate too much, and you’ll strip the skin of its protective oils.

4. Bronzing lotion. Who needs the sun for a sun-kissed tan? I love applying a sheer, shimmering bronzing lotion before a holiday party or event. I like Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion, which gives you a glowing tan without any streakiness. Simply rub on your neck, chest, arms and legs before heading out, and wash off when you get home. Just remember to wipe your palms with a tissue after application.

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