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Get The Look: Eva Mendes

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getthelookevamendesPeaches and Cream Summer looks are all about the combination of sexy and sweet and there are few starlets as synonymous with this combo as the beautiful Eva Mendes! No matter what look she attempts she never fails and is known for her seemingly effortless yet flawless beauty. Read on to see how you can recreate Eva’s peaches and cream glow (a perfect face for summer)!

FACE: To begin, ditch those heavy foundations, you’ll want your skin to breath.

  • If you’re in your 20’s opt for a BB Cream but ladies 30 and up can get a flawless face with the new Camera Ready CC Cream by Smashbox. This product is complexion perfection in a tube and offers amazing coverage without looking or feeling heavy.
  • Next, dust the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) with a light, loose powder like this one from NARS. For a true peaches and cream glow, skip the chalky powdered blush and opt for a cream or gel blush like Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Blush in the shade Salmon Pink. Use your fingers to dab along the apples of the cheeks for an ‘inside out’ kind of glow.

EYES: Eva’s looks are typically centered on the eyes, and her brows are perhaps the strongest feature of her entire face.

  • For eyes like Eva’s, skip dark, heavy eye shadows. Instead, grab a black eyeliner pencil like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil in Onyx, line the top lash line and the bottom waterline, then use the sponge tip to smudge slightly.
  • Next apply several coats of black mascara like Benefit’s BADGal for eyes that really pop!
  • Finally, frame the face with beautiful, full brows buy filling in your natural brow line with brow powder from E.L.F.


  • To complete the look, give lips a delicious pop of color (and SPF20 protections), with Kaplan MD’s Lip 20 Treatment in Sheer Peach.

Rock this look with a fearless mini and gorgeous waves or pull hair into an innocent up-do and pair with a sweet sundress.  Either way you’ll be peaches and cream perfection!

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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7 Rules for Sexy Hair by Jet Rhys

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Celebrity hairstylist and one of my favorite women in the beauty industry Jet Rhys shares her 7 no fail tips to get sexy, gorgeous hair!

1.  “Don’t fight your natural texture” is my motto!  If you have curly hair, rub in some styling cream and feel up those curls to bring them out.  If your hair is straight, play up the smoothness by blow-drying just the top layer with a round brush

*Insider Tip:  This is a lot faster than a blowout

2. Get a style that’s not too styled!  One thing that makes you seem dated is a haircut that look’s like a “haircut”, with harsh lines and angles. Seamless, non-choppy layers are gorgeous!

*Insider Tip:  Ask your stylist to “Point Cut” the edges off your layers, this avoids any sharp lines.

3.  There’s a world of hair Products out there…experiment!  I talk to my curly haired clients, for example to cocktail products straightening balm with a texture cream, apply it to damp hair, then air-dry.  It’s a magic bullet when you find the right products to work with your hair not against it!

*Insider Tip:  When cocktailing products, layer the products one at a time into the palm of your hands, rub the product throughout the hair starting from the tips working up to the roots.

4. Beware of flat iron codependency!  The secret to sexy hair is hair should move, have bounce to it and swing. If you flat-iron your entire head it’ll look to on-purpose, or “wiggy”.

*Insider Tip:  Don’t try to have your hair stick straight “perfect”.  Let your hair have bounce!

5. Don’t go nuts with the curling iron either.  The look now is texture!  I love to take a big curling iron and do just the ends of client’s hair.  You’ll have loose, luxurious waves like Jennifer Lopez!

*Insider Tip:  The smaller the iron the curlier the ends will be, the bigger the iron the more sexier the wave will be. Make a fist, that’s how big your iron should be to get this look.

6. Attention ladies…remember your roots!  Women forget to use volumizing products where their hair starts, which is why so many walk around with flat tops.  Spritz a thickening spray right at the scalp, then blowdry your hair upside down!

*Insider Tip:  When blowdrying upside down massage your roots with your finger tips, this encourages the hair to expand at the roots. If you use a brush it will disperse the product throughout your hair resulting in no volume.

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Get The Look: Helen Mirren

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get the look helenmirrenI adore Helen Mirren.  I want to be as stunningly ferocious when I grow up. To me, she is just so ridiculously cool, calm, sexy, and all around great.  I think she looked stunning, confident, and amazing.  Enjoy!

Cohl Katz – Makeup:

  • I applied Chanel Lumiere with foundation brush.
  • Bobby Brown concealer palette under eyes
  • Laura Mercier shadow palette mixed with Stila shadows
  • Nars charcoal pencil around eyes and soften with shadow
  • Chanel rose Beige blush on cheeks
  • MAC Soar lip pencil on lips with light gloss

HAIR:  Jonathan  Hanousek – Hair:

“Helen’s Dolce & Gabbana gold embroidered dress was very ornate so I really needed to keep the hair chic, sleek and simple. Keeping the hair off her face kept the look clean and modern”

  • I started with Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion on damp hair and blew the hair back using a medium round brush to create some volume throughout the top of the head.
  • Next I sprayed TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Conditioner through out the hair to give it a bit of a next day vibe.
  • Then using a flatiron I pressed the hair behind the ears and below her occipital so it would lay flat.
  • Next I took a dime size dollop of Davines Nº5 Mat Pliable Stucco For Wizards and worked it in my hands raking it though the hair to create separation and to anchor the hair behind her ears.
  • To prevent the look from becoming a pompadour, I directed the hair into an irregular side part.
  • Once the shape was in place I secured everything with Kerastase Double Force finishing hairspray.
  • The final look felt fresh and easy and complimented  Helen’s elaborate dress.
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Get The Look: Sophia Vergara

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getthelook 1
Whether it’s her eccentric role as Gloria on Modern Family or her recent character as sous chef Ava in the New Year’s Eve, you have to admit this Columbian cutie has loads of personality and looks. For the 2013 SAG Awards, Vergara kept her makeup simple but sexy, channeling one of the great sex symbols of the past, Sofia Loren.

  • Much like a great painting, true beauty starts with a great canvas.
  • For skin that is flawless and glowing without too much shine, apply Diorskin Forever Flawless foundation to face with a foundation brush.


  • Create a glow that lasts all night with a coral cream blush like Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush in Tuscan Spell.
  • Apply to apples of cheeks with your fingertips and then blend with a brush as needed.


  • Much like Loren, Vergara’s look is all about the eyes. To create a smoky but naturally sexy look, avoid dark black shadows and opt for a subtler brown like this one from Beauty is Life.
  • Apply to lids and use as a liner for the bottom lash line.
  • Next, apply a black gel liner to the top lash line, staying as close to the lashes as possible and then create a slightly dramatic wing at the corners.
  • We like Smashbox Jetset Waterproof liner for a look that lasts right on through the after party!
  • Finish the eyes with several coats of black lengthening mascara like this one from Napoleon Perdis for eyes that are flirty and fabulous!


  • With the rest of the look being so neutral, the lips are a great place to add a pop of color. Try a medium pink for a perfect pout like Coral Pink from Koh Gen Do.
  • Top your look with some sexy waves and a daring dress and you’ve mastered a look that no paparazzi can resist!


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Emma Stone’s Makeup and Style Inspiration

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The one actress that always catches my eye is the radiant and hilarious Emma Stone. Just adore her! 

Below is how you can recreate one of my favorite red carpet looks from her, complete with the exact lip shade she rocked on the red carpet, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Rendevous . This new shade of soft coral is a must, and you can be sure I will be packing it in my personal makeup bag. Drugstore shopping spree, here I come! 

Emma Stone's makeup look for MTV Awards

Martin Grant little black dress
This is a great LBD by the designer who created her red carpet look. With a fitted waist and bell-shaped skirt this dress is a super glamorous style.

Jimmy Choo high heel shoes
The ultimate leg lengthening heels.  Perfect for every summer outfit! 

Christian Louboutin clutch handbag
On my wishlist. This bag is stunning, and will upgrade any outfit.

Stud earrings
simple. elegant. need I say more? 

Chanel eyeliner
Her look was centered around the lips, but the eyelashes had a bold black line that allowed her eyes to stand out, while still looking classic.  Complete the look with a stip of false lashes, and black mascara.  

The exact shade Ms.Stone wore! Clean, and on trend with a flush of coral.  This is a wonderful alternative to red during the summer! 

This combo is soft and uber flattering on lighter skin.  It helps to define the cheekbones without overpowering the face. Easy glow!
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Interview with Kristofer Buckle

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Recently, I was able to connect and interview master makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, who counts Christina Aquillera, Charlize Theron, Sheryl Crow, and Demi Moore as clients.  He is known for his glamourous take on makeup, and his talent for making the eyes look stunning.  His theory of “more is more”  has given him the great reputation of creating a fantastic look worthy of any diva.I was happy to finally be introduced to Kristofer, and to find out what a warm, charming, and hilarious artist he is.  Is is no wonder the stars want him in their inner circle!  I loved his fresh take on makeup trends, and his firm belief in following your own inner guide as an artist.  Please enjoy this interview as much as I did. 

In all your interviews, you are very open about your love of drugstore beauty finds.  Is there a reason you flock to these brands?:  I do that intentionally, because for a long time, beauty magazines assumed everyone lived a certain lifestyle, spending 350 on products. Looking great has nothing to do with budget.  It’s a choice.  As far as drugstore products go, it’s really the travel aspect of the shoot and my job that dictates the products I use. 

What type of products do you love for travel?: I love RCMA crème foundations. They don’t spill or leek. You can apply over well moisturized skin for a sheer coverage, or full on for a lot of coverage.

What types of trends are you expecting for this years red carpet?:  Traditionally, I don’t take major risks.  I don’t do “stand out” statement looks.  Actresses make their living playing someone else, the red carpet is the one time for them they get to be themselves and express themselves as a woman. It’s all about the dress and navigating the makeup so it’s seamless with the gown.  I am known for the eyes. So I play up the eyes with lashes, and concentrate on flawless skin.  My feeling is that “If you look great, and do whatever makes you feel great, than you are ready”.

How do you keep the makeup lasting on the red carpet and for award shows?: Everyone loves a dewy skin, but at the same time you have to be smart on how you keep that up during the long hours in front of the press, and during the shows.  Everyone is kissing everybody all night, so by the afterparty you would only have makeup on one side on your face.  So you need to set your makeup well, and strategically place the dewiness in places where you want the shine to reflect.   Just making sure the makeup doesn’t get overly shiny or muddy is key.

What type of moisturizers or primers do you use to impart that glow?  It is important as makeup artists to keep our ears open to what other people use, but also trust the products that work for you.  Follow your own personal artist.  At the moment, I use the Decleor Night balm, and massage the skin with it.  It is emollient, so the foundation doesn’t die out on the skin, or suck the moisture out of the foundation.  I also use Embryolisse for longer wear shoots, such as burlesque with Christina Aguilera. My main moto is: “It’s about creating an illusion, and making the skin look pristine.” 

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?  You have to stick to what you do best. Be well rounded, but don’t loose yourself.  “if you stand for nothing , you fall for nothing”

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Get The Look: Darby Stanchfield

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“The inspiration for Darby’s braided updo stemmed from the neck line of her Rachel Zoe LBD. The dress felt strong, a bit military almost. Once paired with the red heels I knew it had to go up and that something casual wouldn’t do. I decided to go for a fun but strong, textured braided updo.”


I started on second day hair by adding Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion. After a quick blow dry and tousle to set the product, I created a middle part.

  • Next I created a dutch braid on each side of the head starting at the front parting, braiding down, following the natural hairline, ending the dutch braids just behind the ear.
  • Once each side was braided, I pulled the braids apart and dusted them with Kevin Murphy Powder Puff to add texture and thickness.
  • In the back, from the top of the crown to the nape of the neck, I created four more braids. Two fishtail braids at the corner of each side of the nape of the neck and two regular braids with the hair that was left over.
  • After all the braids were set, dusted with Kevin Murphys Powder Puff for texture and thickness, and pulled apart, I began to assemble the braids – this is where you can get creative.
  • I brought the fishtail braids that started at the nape of the neck up and towards the face. With hair pins I secured them just under the Dutch braids and crossed them over the middle part.
  • At the back of the head, I rolled all the braids together and secured the plaits flat against the head and secured with hair pins. I added a gold bar barrette for a little flair.
  • To finish the look, I used my fingers to bring out little pieces around her face to soften the look.
    I used Pantene Pro-V Anti-humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray. And she was off!”

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