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A woman’s hair is her crown of glory. Follow my tips for a head-turning hair.

Holiday Secrets for Your Luscious Locks

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Let's face it, we are all rushed during the holidays.  Between family obligations, to office parties, and friends holiday bashes....there is not enough time!  But, the holidays are also a time when we want to look our best.  We get to pull out the red lipstick or glitter eyeshadow and feel festive and gorgeous.  

So, what is a beauty loving gal to do when she is pressed for time?  I always go for gorgeous hair, and leave the rest of the face simple and clean.  I have a very easy routine for the simplest, speediest hair routine ever.  Think Veronica Lake!  I am talking volume, glamour and holiday perfection.

A few months ago I was able to try out two new products by Conair that make this two step process a breeze. The new Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q Styling Tool and Infiniti Pro by Conair Secret Curl are both made to help you achieve salon worthy looks in half the time. I am all thumbs when it comes to doing my hair, but these products have become a go-to for me during the week.  I created an easy routine that I suggest you try for your next Holiday Party!

  • Step One:  Depending on your hair texture, apply either a volumizing or smoothing lotion to your wet hair and brush through.  I prefer to use a large paddle brush in place of a round bristle brush due to the coarseness of my hair.  It helps to ensure a smooth blow out (and I honestly can't work with a round brush to save my life). To get a perfect blow out, separate the hair into 4 sections using either hair clips or rubber bands.  I prefer to do two large sections on each side.  This way, you have control of your hair while blow drying.  One of the things I love about the Infiniti Pro Styling Tool is the whisper soft sound, and how incredibly fast it dries my hair.  I have ALOT of hair, and usually stay away from blow drying it due to the time.  I am convinced this cut the time in half.  It took me only 15 min to blow dry my hair which is unheard of!  Due to my success with this dryer, I bought one seperately for my professional kit. Saving time with my clients is a huge bonus when I am on set. 
  • Step Two: Rollers have always gotten a bad rap in my book. Alot of times we think of big, voluminous curls and 80's hair.  This set of curlers will change your mind.  The curls that the Infinity Curl Secret Pro create are beachy, sexy, and perfect for everyday.  I have been using this set every other day to play around with the different curl techniques and will share with you my technique.  First, start by sectioning your hair into two parts; one bottom and one top.  I keep the top section (you can grab the hair at the base of the ear and separate from there) up high, and work from the bottom up.  I use the larger 1' rollers on the bottom portion of the hair, and work up with the smaller 3/4' curlers.  Roll your hair away from the face to ensure that beauty vibe and curl.  Once you have rolled your hair around the base of the roller, simply SNAP it into place. Voila, you are done!

I usually do this in the morning, and leave the rollers in while I am doing my makeup and getting ready for the day.  I answer emails, cook breakfast, and by the time I am done I have some stare worthy curls that last a few days.  This has seriously cut back on my styling time and I have already had a ton of compliments at the holiday parties for my "new look".  I might not ever go back to a ponytail again!



Infiniti Pro by Conair Secret Curl:
• Easy to use pop-up, clipless rollers that come in 2 sizes (3/4” and 1”) for small and medium long-lasting curls. This means a quick dry with over 70% more shine.
• The curlers have a silicone surface that adds a gorgeous shine to your curls!
• The vertical design keeps the product from taking up space on your vanity or in your bathroom. I fit mine perfectly under the sink.

The Infiniti Pro Secret Curl can be purchased at the majority of mass retail and drug chain stores for an average retail price of $68.99; see where-to-buy here:

Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q Styling Tool:

• Faster airflow allows the hair to dry up to 70% faster, and 40% less noise than other dryers!
• Low heat protects your hair from damage due to Ionic Technowlogy. 
• Brushless motor technology increases the dryer life 10 x longer, giving you up to 5,000 hours of drying time compared to the average 500 hours for another AC motor hair dryer

The Infiniti Pro Styling Tool can be purchased at the majority of mass retail and drug chain stores for an average retail price of $139.99; see where-to-buy here:

Enter the Conair Holiday Wish List Giveaway on the Conair Beauty Facebook page now through December 12th. Entering is as simple as creating your custom Conair product wish-list and sharing it with your friends and family. Five winners will be randomly selected throughout the week of December 8th to receive their custom wish-list.

Visit and get free shipping on orders all orders $50 or higher this holiday season (until December 25) when you use promo code CONHOLIDAY14


Disclosure: This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the Infiniti Pro by Conair Secret Curl and the Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q Styling Tool for my own personal use.  All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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The Best Bang For Your Face Shape:

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She Bangs!!! The Best Bang for Your Face Shape:  No matter what the fashion industry brings forward it seems the infamous bang always returns to the front lines and redefines beautiful hair.

The late 1950’s/early 1960’s brought bangs to the forefront of fashionable hairstyles and though the shape of the bang continues to change, it remains a universal symbol for sexy and sophisticated at any age. The trick to wearing bangs is as simple as knowing your face shape. Use these simple guidelines (and be sure to enlist your stylist versus cutting solo) to see if bangs could be your hot new summer look!

Heart Face Shape: The heart shaped face is perfect for bangs. To accentuate cheekbones and balance the face, try a blunt bang cut just below the eyebrows and wear as a full bang (check out Taylor Swift) for the illusion of a more symmetrical face shape.

Long Face Shape: Most women with a long face shape usually have a very large forehead and jaw line as well. To add balance while diminishing length, try long, layered bangs that extend just past the corner of the eye and wear them swept to the side like Rachel Mcadams.

Square Face: To add softness to the sharp lines of a square face, try long, wispy bangs with layers like Olivia Wilde.

Round Face Shape: To slim the face and give it a more oval appearance, have bangs cut to right about cheekbone level and wear them with a middle part ala Eva Longoria!

Oval Face Shape: If you have an oval face shape, count yourself fortunate as oval is the one face shape that can rock any style of bang. To keep your look versatile, ask your stylist for a long bang that extends past your brow and experiment with every bang style until you nail down your favorite! Having a fear of the sheers? Hit up your local beauty supply store and try clip on bangs for a switch in style without the commitment of a cut.

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How to Dye Your Hair at Home

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Plenty of beauty products will freshen up your look, but for busy gals, none seems quite as perfect as hair color. Unlike wrinkle creams (which can take weeks to show results) or lipstick (which wears off faster than you can reapply), dying your hair delivers shiny, more vibrant color almost instantly -- and you get to enjoy the results for weeks without any upkeep. The best part: You can do it at home.

You may think hair dying is too scary to undertake yourself, but once you learn a few tricks about choosing and applying hair color, DIY dying is a snap, says Kathleen Hui, a senior colorist at AKS Salon in New York City. Even a subtle update is all it takes to breathe new life and warmth into your look. Try these strategies for the ultimate no-fuss beauty boost:

1. Choose a demi-permanent formula.
Of all your hair-dye choices -- permanent, demi-permanent or temporary -- demi-permanent requires the least maintenance and looks the most natural. The color lasts about four to six weeks and gradually rinses out as you shampoo. That means you don’t see noticeably lighter or darker roots as your hair grows.

2. Stay within two shades of your natural color.
Depending on your hair color, the end result can look different from the box, Hui says. If you stay within one or two shades, either lighter or darker, you’ll get more predictable results and a color that looks natural on you. If you have light-brown or hazel eyes, you can look at the flecks of color in your iris: Go with a color (still within two shades) that picks up the bronze, gold or caramel hues in your eyes, and your peepers will look brighter too.

3. Color clean hair only.
Wash your hair the day or morning before you dye it. Otherwise, oil, styling products and other buildup can block the pigment from absorbing into strands, says Hui. 

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MoroccanOil Smooth Line!

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I absolutely hate frizz and fly-aways, but many products leave my hair feeling heavy or even greasy. Moroccanoil's Smooth line takes care of what I hate most about my hair and leaves it feeling light, smooth and beautiful. Not to mention, it smells absolutely incredible. Who knew four products could give me hair I'd actually be proud of? It all starts with the Moroccanoil Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner.

All the products contain the proprietary AminoRenew ingredient to help restore essential amino acids to your hair to make it stronger. Plus, the line is infused with argan butter and argan oil for smoother, healthier and more manageable hair. When you use both the shampoo and conditioner, the results can last up to 72 hours.

If your hair's really frizzy, start with the Smoothing Mask. It adds in coconut-derived fatty acids for even deeper hydration. To help with styling and frizzies from blow drying, try the Smoothing Lotion. It also contains Vitamin E. Even though it offers a medium hold, hair stays light-weight and frizz free. Starting at just $28 for the shampoo and conditioner, it's an affordable way to finally get manageable hair, even on the most humid days. If you're like me and hate constantly trying smooth away frizz, try a line that finally smooths without weighing your hair down.

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Revealed Techniques in Recreating 1960’s Hairstyles

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Key hairstylist Agathe Dupuis reveals her techniques on recreating the glamorous 1960’s hairstyles with Leonor Greyl products on the set of the film ‘Grace of Monaco’ starring Nicole Kidman! ‘Grace of Monaco’ opened the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival and we can’t wait to see all the amazing costume, makeup, and most of all hair!‘Grace of Monaco’ will opened the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival and we can’t wait to see all the amazing costume, makeup, and most of all hair!

“Thank you [Leonor Greyl] for helping me create all these hairstyles from the 60’s. I used a lot of Leonor Greyl’s Gel a l’Hibiscus on the men’s hair for the party scenes such as “The Ball of the Red Cross” to keep their hair in place.

I also really love the Leonor Greyl Tonique Hydratant and Spray Algues et Fleurs which do not need to be rinsed out, are very practical while filming, and give the actors’ hair good texture.

But my little darling is the Éclat Naturel which I use for everything from scalp massages to the treatment of the ends of the hair. I can leave it all day long on the hair of the actors, it is perfect!”

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5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making

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5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making

Think your daily hair care routine is full of healthy hair choices? You may be surprised to discover that you’re unwittingly wreaking havoc on your tresses. Eliminate these five common mistakes and give your hair the TLC it deserves.

1. Rushing from dryer to flat iron. Following a hasty blow dry with a flat or curling iron to perfect a style is likely to sizzle your strands. “Women often use hot tools on their hair when it still has some moisture remaining,” says Jenny Strebe, hair stylist and blogger at Confessions of a Hairstylist. Ironing wet hair increases the risk of breakage. Wait a few minutes after your blow dry to make sure hair is 100 percent dry.

2. Drying when sopping wet. Putting a blow dryer to dripping wet hair is a very bad idea. Want to know what’s even worse? Using a round brush on hair that’s sopping wet, says Strebe. That friction frays the cuticle, leading to hair that’s damaged and flat. To keep hair healthy, blot it with a towel, then allow it to air dry until it’s about 80 percent dry. Now you can pick up that round brush and use your favorite styling technique to get super volume and shine.

3. Doing the wet pony. When we’re busy, it’s easy to throw freshly shampooed hair up into a high bun or pony. The lack of heat and brushing may be a plus, but wet ponytails and buns have a steep downside of their own. Tugging and pulling fragile wet hair, then whipping it with an elastic, is a fast track to split ends. Instead, try a loose braid or a rough finger blow dry.

4. Rough handling knotty tresses. Tangled hair should be brushed out, right? Not so fast. Brushing through knots can cause pieces -- or even the entire knot -- to break. Start at the tips -- never the roots -- using a wide-toothed comb and gently work through those knots. For hair that’s prone to snagging and snarling, apply a leave-in spray detangler after your shampoo.

5. Washing your color away. A whopping 75 percent of women color their hair in some form. To keep locks at their healthiest and color at its prettiest, always use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color-treated hair. And wait 24 to 48 hours after you color your hair before you shampoo or else that gorgeous fresh hue will be swirling right down the shower drain.

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Give Your Scalp the Royal Treatment

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Protect your scalp!

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If you want to show off your crowning glory this summer, you’d better be good to what lies beneath.

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