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Makeup Wars: Favorite Oils for Face and Body

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 As you know, I love any multi-tasking beauty products. Odds are, you’ve already tried oils for your hair, but what about your face? Honestly, I was amazed to find that a lot of the oil treatments I used to soften my hair and treat my scalp were also wonderful for my face. Instead of buying multiple products, I found a few combination oils that do it all. I am a huge believer in the benefits of oils, and could go on forever with this list, but for now I will stick to the two that I am currently loving.

Garnier Miracle Dry Oil

Don’t let the name fool you. The dry part just means the oil dries to a lightweight finish. I love that it’s both budget friendly and works on hair, face and body. While it didn’t contain some of the oils I was used to seeing, the shea, olive and avocado oils did do wonders to tame frizz, battle dry skin and best yet, didn’t leave any oily residue. If you’re new to oil treatments, this may be a great start.

Patyka Absolis Face and Body Serum

At around $50, this isn’t exactly a low cost option, however it does work wonders and it takes very little so you’ll be using the same bottle for a while. Jam packed with over 12 essential and vegetal oils that regenerate, nourish, and tone, this is an elegant and worthy oil. Complete with Olive Oil, Rose Hip, and Red Mandarin oils, it gives your face and hair a nourishing reprieve.

Create Your Own

I’m all for DIY beauty. If you want to try something else or want to create your own, I recommend using coconut oil, argan oil and/or extra virgin olive oil. All are great for hair and skin and they’re a great budget friendly option.


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Makeup Wars! – Best Hair Styling Tools

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I have been addicted to hair styling tools since I was old enough to attempt curling my hair with my mothers hot rollers.  I have gone through many hair phases (and hair colors!).  There was the perm, the Brazilian blowouts, the big hair/big rollers days, and of course the flat as a pin phase.  I have beaten my poor strands down to nothing.  They hate me.  They are fried and tired.  But, I truly can’t keep away from my flat iron or large curling iron.  A good hair day makes me feel like I am conquering the world! And it instantly makes me feel put together. 

hair tools

Here are my three must haves:

1) T3 Mane Tamer Tourmaline Flat Iron: the name “mane tamer” says it all.  This seriously tackles my thick wavy hair and makes it smooth as silk. This is my favorite flat iron for us gals with unruly and TONS of hair.  

2) Mason Pearson Bristle/nylon Mix Hair Brush: Yes, it is ridiculously expensive…but it is worth every penny.  This saves your strands, and leaves hair glossy and feeling silky.  This brush will last you a lifetime, and will be the only brush you will ever need, or ever use. 

3) HOT TOOLS 1 1/2 inch Curling Iron :  Hot Tools has the best curling irons ever. I use them exclusively in my professional kit, but this is the one that I keep in my personal drawer.  I love the 1 1/2 inch size. It is perfect for getting some soft curl at the ends of the hair without looking like ringlets.  Think beachy, sexy, goddess hair.  

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Makeup Wars: Best Summer Foundation

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 I used to think summer meant trying to cover acne after filling my pores full of heavy foundation. Let’s face it, standard foundation is not meant for sweating out in the summer sun. You need something light weight that still provides excellent coverage and keeps your skin safe from UV rays. The answer that I’m constantly talking about is tinted moisturizer. Consider it your ultimate summer foundation solution.


What To Look For

All tinted moisturizers are not the same. If all you’re getting is a very light tint mixed with lotion, you’re not getting enough. I always look for the following features:

• SPF 15 or better
• Water resistant (especially for beach/pool time)
• Medium coverage (lessens the need for concealer)
• Oil-free
• Light-weight moisturizer

Okay, so it may seem like I’m being greedy, but it’s my face so I should get to be picky about what I put on it. Don’t settle.

What To Try

For a budget friendly buy, I recommend either Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. They’re low cost and even help fight the signs of aging.

I do like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 from Sephora as a higher priced alternative as it comes in seven shades and gives me extra protection from the sun. However, for more coverage, Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 features not only watermelon extract, but buildable coverage without killing my pores. Both are around $30-$40, but well worth it.

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Makeup Wars! My Favorite Cream Eyeshadows

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This this weeks Makeup Wars we were asked to talk about our favorite eyeshadows….that aren’t in the form of a shadow. Thrilled to say it is not a hard task, because as of late I have been going nuts to for shadow pencils, and creams. 

As I have gotten older my skin has become increasingly dry, and their are days when it makes my skin sensitive, which means that any type of powder product can feel itchy and uncomfortable.  That is why I have started using cream shadows more and more.  They glide on the skin, don’t crease and have incredible longevity! 


Some of my favorite products lately have been the Smashbox Waterproof shadow stick, and the NARS chubby shadow pencil.  Both give me an incredible, sexy, smokey eye look that lasts forever and looks softer than your normal shadows.

Here are some makeup artist tips: 

  • Work with two colors.  My favorite combinations are a soft steel grey, and a deep navy or a light bronze and deep chocolate. 
  • Layer your colors and products. Because these creams are so moveable, you can blend your colors together easier.  Create your own custom color! I love blending Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Creams shimmering pink with the shimmering bronze.
  • Graduate the colors from dark to light, keeping the darkest colors near the lash line.

Product Suggestions: 

What are your favorite cream products?  Any colors you love? 

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Makeup Wars! Pamper Yourself At Home

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 Let’s face it, every once in awhile we all wish we could get away to a relaxing spa vacation and drown out the world with candles, massages, and facials.  Pure pampering goodness.  But, the truth is, not many of us have the time! 
Since I can’t get away to an spa oasis, I have found ways to feel pampered at home with products that make me feel like I am in the spa for half the price, and half the time!  For this weeks Makeup Wars Challenge, we compiled a list of our favorite “spa at home” products and tips. 


 My first suggestion is to start your at home pampering in the shower by taking a few extra min and adding on some luxurious products to your normal routine.  First, utilize a face cleanser that works with the steam of your shower to give yourself a quick and super effective facial.  

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