Kick off your New Years Resolutions with a Walgreen Giveaway!

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The first week of the New Year has already ended, and I must say that this year I am determined to stick to my resolutions! I know, I know.....never happens.  But, I know that now more than ever I am appreciate of my health and all the opportunities that this year is going to bring, so I want to  be in the best shape I can! 

As most of you know, I am on-stop shop kinda gal.  I want to get everything in one place, and one of my favorite spots to do this is at Walgreens. Walgreens carries amazing brands such as Pantene, COVERGIRL, Crest and Olay.  They also have you covered when it comes to taking care of your health! Some of my newest finds to help me through my fitness resolutions are the Walgreens Activity Tracker with Smartwatch Technology that keeps track of my steps and any activities I do throughout the day. I also have been addicted to the Contigo Autoseal Grace Water Bottle.  Keeping myself hydrated is always a battle for me, but I have been able to be more consistent with my water consumption!  The 24 oz. AUTOSEAL® Grace Water Bottle is engineered for an easy one-hand drinking experience. This BPA-free water bottle features a one-touch AUTOSEAL® lid that automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, and the body is made with durable Tritan materials.

For my beauty needs I rely on my favorite beauty staples.  Currently I am loving the newest COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Mascara which gives a very natural and clean look to the lashes.  This is the perfect everyday mascara!  Another must have to tame my very parched split ends is the Pantene Weekly Rehab Creme and the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme.  I have been using both for weeks and I am convinced it has helped heal my hair after a very bad dye job.  Since my wedding is coming up in three months, I have been working on making my teeth whiter with Crest 3D White Toothpaste and Whitestrips.  I want my smile to be radiant when I say I DO.  

If you want to hear more ideas on beauty and health for the new year, than join us for two separate Twitter parties!

  • Sunday January 4th from 8-9 PM EST.  This Twitter party will be focused around New Year’s resolutions in beauty and wellness and how P&G and Walgreens can help you #STARTHERE and keep resolutions all year long.
  • January 7th from 8-9pm EST will focus on the PCA Red Carpet looks – what are you seeing on the Red Carpet? Anything you want to try to achieve this year – from new trends to new hairstyles, maybe new fitness goals? We would love if you provide beauty and wellness tips for others to help achieve their resolutions.


Now, you can join in getting your resolutions started with my Walgreens giveaway, which features a  #STARTSHERE Prize Pack plus a $75 Walgreens gift card.

The #STARTSHERE Prize Pack includes:

Contigo Autoseal Grace Water Bottle
Walgreens Activity Tracker with Smartwatch Technology
ZzzQuil Liquicaps
COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Mascara
COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Lipcolor
Pantene Weekly Rehab Creme
Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme
Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects
Crest 3D White Toothpaste
$75 Walgreens Gift Card
Walgreens tote bag
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated and received products for testing. While I was compensated to write a post about P&G and Walgreens, all opinions are my own.

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Be a Better Person- Starting Today!

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To start the New Year off right, we share on how to kick that blah feeling to the curb! 

If you’ve been feeling a little crabby lately -- maybe you feel more stressed or extra burdened than ever -- it is possible to give yourself a personal reboot and be the kind of person others admire.

Our experts offer seven ways to increase your generosity, patience and tolerance -- starting today.

Tip No. 1: Fill Your Personal “Pitcher”

Before you can be bighearted towards others, you have to do what certified health and wellness coach and registered dietician Adrienne Raimo calls “filling your pitcher” first. “This means taking care of yourself and your body,” says Raimo. “To be the best you can be, do your best to eat well, exercise and reduce stress. Otherwise, you’ll feel depleted.”

Tip No. 2: Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions

“The first step to becoming your best self requires brutal honesty,” says Kerry Connelly, a certified life coach. “Ask yourself what you’re good at, what your faults are and what are the things that repeatedly come up that hold you back. By becoming aware of your constant frustrations and the ways in which you’re responsible for them, you’ll experience a greater sense of peace and well-being.”

Tip No. 3: Find a Way to Be Compassionate

So much of our negative actions are based in fear, says Jen Hancock, author of several books, including The Humanist Approach to Happiness. Ironically, the antidote to that fear is compassion. “When we view negative people and situations through a compassionate lens, we no longer view people who scare us as giant ogres. They’re frail humans, just like us.” Next time someone cuts you off in traffic or posts something on your Facebook feed that gets under your skin, think a kind thought: “Maybe he was in a rush because of a family emergency,” or “I may not agree with her, but I admire her passion for her cause.”

Tip No. 4: Own Your Own Stuff

That means taking responsibility for both your successes and failures without beating yourself up for it, says life coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus. “Decide that you’re going to stop making excuses to anyone, especially yourself. No more: ‘Sorry I’m late, there was a slow truck and I hit every light.’ Try, instead: ‘Sorry I’m late. I just didn’t allow myself quite enough time to get here.’”

Tip No. 5: Be Thankful for the Good -- and Bad

It’s not always easy to be thankful for rough times, but they help you to become a better person, suggests Colene Elridge, a life coach in Lexington, Ky. “When you’re experiencing something unfavorable in your life, stop and say, ‘What am I learning from this that I didn't know before?’ Use every experience as an opportunity to learn.”

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5 Beauty Resolutions for a Stunning 2015

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Resolved: To be more beautiful than ever in 2015 -- and with less effort!

Who doesn’t want that?  Here are five super-easy ways to be your most glowing, stunning self throughout the upcoming year.

1. Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on.
Whether you get home at midnight after a night out with friends or drift into slumber land while watching TV on the couch, it can be tempting to tumble into bed without washing your face. Try to resist. As you snuggle against your pillow, the day’s collection of dirt and oil, along with makeup, are being pushed into your pores. And, it’s those blocked pores, that lead to pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist and researcher at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Too exhausted to make a stop at the bathroom sink? Keep a pack of makeup-removing towelettes on your bedside table.

2. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
Today, you can find products customized for fine, medium or thick, curly and color-treated hair. Research has shown that these hair types all have different structures, says Jeni Thomas, a research scientist on hair and scalp health for Pantene. What makes one type of hair glossy and manageable might lead to bad hair days for another. One example: The ingredients that offer humidity resistance to thick hair can weigh down fine hair. 


3. Use an SPF product every day.
Yes, you’ve heard these about two million times, but the best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it with an SPF 30 or higher 365 days a year, rain or shine. The harmful UV rays that cause premature aging, a mottled skin tone and leathery texture penetrate clouds and are especially harmful when they bounce off snowy surfaces. With so many new ways to get sun protection -- tinted moisturizers, BB creams, light formulations -- there’s no reason to stint on shielding your delicate skin.

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Top Nail Trends for 2015

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Now that the holiday season is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to put some thought into which looks to rock for 2015. While hair and makeup is always key in perfecting every day beauty, every true diva knows that to achieve polished perfection, never ignore the nails! We have four must have looks to help you nail 2015 in style.

Nude Glitter Nails
Whether you’re looking for a nail color to ring in the New Year or just prefer a neutral look with a little bit of pop, a nude/gold shimmer color is the perfect choice! Pair it with your favorite party dress for added glamour or use it to help dress up an every day look.

Argyle Sophistication
If you’re totally over the nail charms and reverse French tips, why not go Ivy League with your look? This burgundy and silver argyle-tip manicure is the perfect pair for your 2015 workday. The pattern is conservative enough to rock in the boardroom but still has just enough kick for it to become the center of conversation at happy hour.


Blingy Tips
If you love the bling but hate the slightly juvenile look that a full glitter nail can bring, than topping your favorite color with just a tad of bling is your perfect pick! For a dressy look, pair silver and gold glitter with dark colors like red, sapphire or black. For day, try a touch of silver or gold with more neutral colors like beige or lavender.

Dress Up Your Nail
For some serious pizazz, pick one nail per hand to jazz up with sparkles and keep the remaining nails a simple color. Again, red, black and deep jewel tones work best to make this look pop, but if you prefer a simpler look, the same process can be done with a nude or pink nail.

by Sian Bitner Kearney

*nail pictures from:,,, and

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5 Winter Beauty Tips

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Even if you love a winter wonderland, your skin may not. The chilly, dry air and shorter days can bring on a dry, dull complexion. In my job as a celebrity makeup artist, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you appear glowing all year long.

The secret is having the right products to create the perfect look. Here are the five that I swear by:

1. A healing ointment. A tube of Aquaphor does triple-duty against chapped skin. I always have a tube on hand to soothe dry lips, hydrate rough patches of skin and soften cuticles. It especially works wonders if you apply it before bedtime. I always have a tube on hand.

2. Tinted moisturizer. Many women make the mistake of reaching for a heavier cover-up during the winter, believing that their pale complexions need extra coverage. But this can lead to a caked-on look. Instead, I recommend a light tinted moisturizer: It hydrates and brightens at the same. The result: Dewy skin that stands out in the crowd. Simply use a shade or two lighter than your summer color, and apply with a sponge brush. Then pat off any excess product with a tissue.


3. Exfoliating scrub. To achieve fresh-looking skin, you need to slough off the top layer of dead cells. That’s why I recommend using a gentle exfoliating scrub once or twice a week; a drugstore brand, such as Aveeno or Neutrogena, does the job. Just don’t go overboard. Exfoliate too much, and you’ll strip the skin of its protective oils.

4. Bronzing lotion. Who needs the sun for a sun-kissed tan? I love applying a sheer, shimmering bronzing lotion before a holiday party or event. I like Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion, which gives you a glowing tan without any streakiness. Simply rub on your neck, chest, arms and legs before heading out, and wash off when you get home. Just remember to wipe your palms with a tissue after application.

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Quick Holiday Party Worthy Braids

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Braids are back in a big way this year! Far from the schoolgirl look you used to know, braids are a pretty and sophisticated look for office holiday parties and family gatherings alike. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time or coordination to create lovely braided updos.

Try these easy and elegant hairstyle tutorials you can create in just minutes -- leaving you plenty of time to get to the party! For even more ideas, check out our new Pocket Hairstylist  tool and mobile app .



Step 1
Divide your hair into two sections (top and bottom), and back comb a little (gently) underneath the top half. Spray with a little hairspray, and smooth over the top with a comb. This will help give you more lift from the front.

Step 2
Divide your hair in half again, this time on both sides (like you’re doing milkmaid braids). Be sure to separate the hair at the nape of your neck to avoid a severe part. Begin braiding the first side.


Step 3
Stop your braid about 4 to 5 inches down and secure with an elastic. Braid the other side, again stopping 4 to 5 inches down.

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Interview with Michelle Phan

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As a beauty expert, I am always trying to keep up with the latest tips and newest artists on the scene.  But, if you are anything like me, you tend to find an artist that you connect with and become faithful to their tips.  I have been following Michelle Phan for quite some time, and have loved watching her grow her brand into the beauty powerhouse it is today. 

I was lucky enough to interview Michelle and loved her down to earth tips.  Just like me, she feels that a good concealer is an absolute makeup must!  

 I was also able to try out her em by Michelle Phan The Everything Cream, and love to have it on hand as a lightweight, everyday staple.  It gives a fresh glow to the skin, and is truly an all in one product!  Perfect for on the go. Enjoy! 


What are some product-saving tips that you do to fully utilize a product so it doesn’t go to waste? I use mascara as eyeliner. I take my angled eye liner brush and dip it in mascara and I use it as a gel liner. It actually lasts longer than gel liners because it’s waterproof. I use it a lot at the beach or when I need waterproof makeup.

What advice would you tell a woman with low self-confidence? There are no right or wrong ways to build self confidence, because right and wrong is subjective. Everyone is on a different path. Some universal tips are to remember.

  • 1) Confidence is like a mental muscle, and if you want your muscles to grow stronger, you need to exercise them. Consciously think positive thoughts, especially in moments when you are feeling down. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that life is too short and you have to make the best of it. Listen to music that will lift your mood. A good beat and sound has been proven to help people in a positive way.
  • 2) Find your qualities, and focus on the positive. If you don’t think you have a quality, ask yourself what you are good at. Everyone is good at something. Pick up on a passion and nurture it. This helps build self worth.
  • 3) Have a buddy system. Find someone you can trust and share your insecurities with.
  • 4) Pass your wisdom and gift unto others. Teaching, mentoring and caring for others is the greatest gift you can give to others and yourself. Not only is the other person going to feel better but you will too. Loving others will inspire you to love yourself.
  • 5) Stay positive.

What is the proper way to contour your face? Look at your face and see where the natural shadows are. Start drawing and mapping out the shadows that you see on your face. For me, I like to contour the sides of my nose using the contour side of my Contour and Highlighter Stick, Chiaroscuro. This helps elevate my nose bridge and gives me a taller looking nose. I like to look at my cheekbones and see where the shadows are and create lines. Then blend away! You don’t want to look like you have war paint on your face.

What are your three holy grail products? I always wear an SPF35 sunscreen. I stick to sunscreen made in Korea and Japan because they have the best texture and smell. I also use my em Arch Brow Liner pencil or eyebrow powder. The Arched pencil makes it so easy to draw on my brows without it looking fake. I also love using the em concealer from my own line as an everyday concealer. SPF lip balm is another must. Sun Bum makes a great lip balm.

Best tip on how to conceal a hangover? A good concealer saves anything. It can cover up your deepest darkest secrets. I love The Great Cover Up from my em Cosmetics line as it gives full, yet natural-looking coverage. It is inspired by the girl who needs a little help after staying up all night.

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