Gorgeous Hair Color All Summer Long

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By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

Along with bronzed cheeks and peachy lips, gleaming hair is key to summer’s easy, breezy beauty look. But between UV exposure and swimming in chlorine pools or saltwater surfs, hair can take a beating. And that’s especially true if it’s color-processed.

So we asked two pros to answer your most pressing summer hair color questions so you can maintain a gorgeous hue from June to August. Frank Dino is the co-owner of TINT, a color-only salon in Santa Monica, Calif., and Dr. Jessica Krant is a dermatologist and founder of Art of Dermatology in New York City. Here’s what they said.

Should I take my hair color a shade lighter in the summer?

If you’re going to be sporting a tan (make it a faux one to protect your skin!), you might want to adjust your color to provide contrast. Think of how your hair would bleach naturally if you didn’t protect it from UV rays, and go for that shade.

Should I save highlights for winter?

If highlights give your hair a dimension you enjoy in the winter, you’ll want to carry this through to summer, too. A few lighter pieces framing the face are all you need for a natural surfer-chic look. If you’re a blonde, opt for champagne streaks. If you’re a light or medium brunette, have your colorist add some ribbons of dirty blonde. Darker hair will look sun-kissed stunning with light brown and caramel highlights. And for hair that sparkles under the summer sun, think about adding a glossing treatment the next time you visit your salon for a cut or color.

I know the sun can damage my skin. Can it harm my hair color as well?

Hair definitely gets damaged by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Those UV rays scorch the hair shaft, drying it out and causing the normally smooth cuticle, or outer layer, of our strands to get rough. What’s more, UV rays break down hair’s pigments, fading color or turning it brassy. New research shows that UV rays cause hair to lose protein too. The result of all this is hair that’s lacking shine, strength and vibrant color.

How does chlorine or saltwater damage hair?

Chlorine, which is a component of bleach, dries out strands by its caustic chemical nature, stripping away your hair’s natural protective oils. (Blonde hair turning green in the swimming pool, by the way, isn’t actually caused by chlorine but by copper molecules from other pool chemicals.) Seawater stresses hair and skin in another way. The heavy salt content draws water molecules out of hair in an attempt to try to dilute the salt. The result: dehydrated hair shafts.

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When Is the Appropriate Time to Wear Lipstain?

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Lip stains are one of my all time favorite products, not only because they create an amazing base for your lipstick or even for your cheeks, but they stay on all day long. You can top them with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick and they always have that beautiful color coming out from underneath.


As you can see with the model in the video we've already started with a beautiful raspberry red lip stain on her lips. It is not shiny, and gives that kind of natural berry glow to it. The great thing about lip stains is that you can layer.

  •  Now as you can see with the lip stain, it goes on in a gel form. If you like wearing darker colors, a lip stain is the perfect way to wear a darker color without worry that it's going to come off or smear.
  • Let the stain dry for a few seconds and then my favorite tip is to apply a clear lip gloss on top to give it that beautiful lip gloss feel.
  • You have a beautiful glossy sensual lip stain that looks like a lip gloss but with the longevity of a lip stain. It really is one of my favorite ways to use a lipstick and to blend colors.
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Get The Look: Sophia Vergara

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getthelook 1
Whether it’s her eccentric role as Gloria on Modern Family or her recent character as sous chef Ava in the New Year’s Eve, you have to admit this Columbian cutie has loads of personality and looks. For the 2013 SAG Awards, Vergara kept her makeup simple but sexy, channeling one of the great sex symbols of the past, Sofia Loren.

  • Much like a great painting, true beauty starts with a great canvas.
  • For skin that is flawless and glowing without too much shine, apply Diorskin Forever Flawless foundation to face with a foundation brush.


  • Create a glow that lasts all night with a coral cream blush like Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush in Tuscan Spell.
  • Apply to apples of cheeks with your fingertips and then blend with a brush as needed.


  • Much like Loren, Vergara’s look is all about the eyes. To create a smoky but naturally sexy look, avoid dark black shadows and opt for a subtler brown like this one from Beauty is Life.
  • Apply to lids and use as a liner for the bottom lash line.
  • Next, apply a black gel liner to the top lash line, staying as close to the lashes as possible and then create a slightly dramatic wing at the corners.
  • We like Smashbox Jetset Waterproof liner for a look that lasts right on through the after party!
  • Finish the eyes with several coats of black lengthening mascara like this one from Napoleon Perdis for eyes that are flirty and fabulous!


  • With the rest of the look being so neutral, the lips are a great place to add a pop of color. Try a medium pink for a perfect pout like Coral Pink from Koh Gen Do.
  • Top your look with some sexy waves and a daring dress and you’ve mastered a look that no paparazzi can resist!


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Simple Way to Clean Off Glue From Fake Eyelashes

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Today's question is a simple way to remove glue from fake eyelashes.
Well, it actually is very simple. All you need is a makeup remover Q-tip. You can find these at your drugstore. With a tweezer, hold up your false eyelash that you are wanting to clean off. Now simply use the Q-tip with the eye makeup remover inside of it and clean off the glue like so. Make sure you have a firm grip on that eyelash and the glue should come off easily. 
Get these amazing eyemakeup remover Q-tips here! Eye Makeup Correctors Q-Tips
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Friday 5 – Best Nail Products

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1) Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails: This is a rich, creamy salve that nourishes and conditions cuticles to perfection. Created in 1963, Dior’s “Cult-favorite Magic Multi-tasker” is the key to truly terrific nails. This creamy salve encourages nail growth, improves nail strength, and conditions cuticles. It can be massaged into the base of nail pre- or post- polish. And did I mention it smells fantastic! 

2) CND Solar Oil: This is such a fantastic oil to really smooth out your cuticles if they get cracked or weak.

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Marc Anthony Bombshell Hair Tutorial

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christina farrell
Yahoo Mail

Wanna get bombshell hair? Try out these tips from this tutorial above!

I have tried and used Marc Anthony Professional hair products before and have loved the results.  The scent is warm, and delicious and the shampoo and conditioners leave the hair ridiculously soft.  


You can also check out the video, which demonstrates the steps:

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Gluten Free Cosmetics

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With one in every 133 people living with Celiac Disease, this is a wonderful resource to help survive and thrive gluten free. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Cosmetics - Five Ingredients You Never Saw Coming

By: Erika Krull

You walk away from the cosmetic counter with swagger.  You've snagged a fabulous lipstick, "firming" moisturizer, and life-saving eye cream all in one trip.  Still smiling from your cosmetic coup, you take a glance at the ingredient list of one of your new products and noticed some really funny looking words. 

 Tocopherol, triticum vulgare, and hydrolyzed malt extract.  What the heck are those?  Snapping back to reality, you remember that gluten can be found all over the place in personal care and cosmetic products.  Did you just contaminate your makeup bag?

Unfortunately, you just did.  Three different times, in fact.  Your doctor told you to watch for gluten, you know, by watching for wheat, barley, rye, and oats (because of cross contamination).  That's right, except for one sneaky little problem.  Gluten doesn't always come with a "Hello, My Name Is..." badge. 

Nope, in fact it often gets the drop on you by staying hidden and keeping you confused.  Until you figure out what you're looking for, you'll stay a step behind and feel the sucker punch when gluten slips in.

Don't worry, getting on the good side of your cosmetics isn't as hard as it seems.  You just need to know how to spot gluten when it's using an assumed name.  Take a look at the lineup.

  •  Vitamin E/Tocopherol - This is used as a skin conditioner with anti-aging and moisturizing properties.  It's often found in lipstick, powder cosmetics, skin care products, soaps, hair products, and lotions. 

Before you start visualizing Vitamin E as a complete villain, it's important to understand the catch to this ingredient.  It can be made from gluten free sources, but this is not always labeled clearly.  It's so important to ask because this is an easy ingredient to overlook. 

If a company either can't guarantee its source or can't even tell you where it comes from, then consider those products unsafe.  Gluten free sources of Vitamin E aren't completely uncommon, so you should be able to find comparable products without the risk.  Companies that are known to be friendly to gluten-free customers are also more likely to use gluten free Vitamin E sources.  They know this detail matters to many of their customers.

  • Hordeum Vulgare - This is derived from barley and may also be labeled as hordeum vulgare extract, hordeum sativum, barley extract, or flour.  It would be great if this was always labeled something straightforward with the word "barley" in it, but that would just be too easy, right?

This ingredient is used for its skin protecting properties.  You might find this in sun care lotions, specialized skin serums, or other anti-aging products (including lips). 

  • Triticum Vulgare - This ingredient is derived from wheat germ and may occasionally go by the far more helpful and obvious name of "wheat germ oil".  Because of its high Vitamin E content, triticum vulgare is used in products that moisturize and condition the skin. 

Because we humans don't love having dry skin, this stuff is in a lot of products (especially those for extra dry or aging skin).  You'll typically find this in lipstick, hair conditioner, hand and body lotion, eye creams, various anti-aging products, and more.

  • Hydrolyzed Malt Extract- Because this is malt, it is yet another ingredient derived from barley.  While this ingredient name contains fairly normal looking words, the word "malt" may or may not trigger your memory until you spend more time looking for it. 
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