Why Choose The Makeup Sessions?  That's Easy!

All The advice in one place

You could spend hours searching online and reading beauty magazines to find just a fraction of the tips you'll get in a single session. In the end, none of the advice is catered to you. You could try that latest trend, but unless you know exactly what products to use for your skin tone, face type or hair color, the result could be a disaster. In just a single one hour Makeup Session, you could learn:

  • Which products are perfect for you, not just the general population. Just you! 
  • How to duplicate your favorite celebrity looks
  • How to apply your makeup like a pro
  • Where to buy the products that not only suit you, but also work with your budget
  • How to finally feel confident when you open your beauty case and know how to properly apply your makeup!


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Words from a few of my clients

“Christina is my go-to for all things beauty for myself and for my clients. it's her uncanny ability to identify features you didn't even know you had that makes her the stand-out in the industry.  From street-to-camera, christina is the maestra of beauty, inside and out.”
Cynthia P. Jenkins, celebrity writer

" I absolutely love everything we did, and I am getting great compliments. Several people told me that I look beautiful and luminous, which boosts my confidence immensely.".
Amy B – Newport Beach, CA

“Christina Farrell is not only a makeup artist.  She is actually a true artist.  I was first exposed to her work during our collaboration on the network pilot, “The New You”.  Christina did a makeup application for me that looked natural and exquisite in all different types of lighting.  Her application lasted for 10 hours under hot studio lights, and continued to hold up through dinner.  She was able to create a look for me that enhanced my skin tone, made my eyes stand out, and still left my skin feeling fresh and flexible hours into the evening. “
Angela Peralta – Los Angeles, CA

“Christina loves her role as an educator.  She is respected by the people who work with her for her extensive knowledge and her teaching skills.   Her passion for makeup, and the technology behind it, comes through to everyone who attends her classes.  Her clients trust her honest opinions, her gentle way of teaching, and her fresh and original approach to makeup.”
Valerie Hernandez – New York, CA

"Christina is a "Master of Make-up Artist"!  Christina has worked her magic with me several times.  I have used her services to shoot a commercial and for professional speaking.  She has a definite talent for making one look natural, but yet "finished". Christina's work is better than Photo Shop.  I would highly recommend Christina, and look forward to having the privilege of working with her many times in the future."
Joan Wyllie - San Diego, CA 

Learn more about what I can teach you

PRIVATE MAKEUP LESSONS *All lessons via Skype,
or Google+ Hangout 


Save time, hassle & money

Think of the money and time you'll save:

  • No more buying and trying the wrong products
  • No more hours trying to perfect techniques
  • Find out exactly what tools you do and don't need
  • Discover day, night and quick 5 min makeup looks!

At the end of the day, the Makeup Sessions will save you hundreds of dollars every year. You'll uncover a brand new you. Look great, feel great and finally apply makeup like a true pro.


Makeup Workshops $100 per person

Grab a glass of wine, and relax in front of your computer while you discover new beauty tips, and techniques during this weekly one hour group workshop.  You can join these exclusive makeup artist workshops instantly by activating your web cam, or simply sign up to watch the workshop at your own pace!  All workshops are conducted online via Google Hangout, last one hour, and can host up to 10 participants.  Create a “beauty event” with your friends, or purchase a workshop as a gift and learn the makeup techniques used by professional makeup artists.
$100 per person.  Minimum of 2 people per workshop.


Classes Available:

  • Beauty Basics:  The essential makeup application workshop.  You will learn how to create a perfect canvas, how to choose and apply color, and how to properly use makeup brushes.
  • Age Defying Beauty:  This workshop will teach you how to look like your most radiant self.  This class is concentrated on beauty in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.  Learn the best makeup, skincare, and colors to enhance your beauty at any age. 
  • Teenage Beauty: A great workshop for teenagers who are new to beauty, or just need to learn the proper application techniques. This workshop focuses on age appropriate beauty while incorporating the lastest trends for teens.
  • Advanced Beauty: For those beauty mavens who want to take it up a notch! Learn how to get the perfect smokey eye, an intense lip, or work with shimmer.  If you love the newest celebrity looks and trends, than this is the workshop for you.

Private Makeup Lessons

In your private makeup lessons, you will receive a professional makeup lesson that uncovers tips and techniques used by the ultimate beauty experts. These lessons will rival those taught by the best online makeup artistry schools and you will feel as though you have your own personal makeup artist at your fingertips. Select the package below that best meets your goals and beauty care needs.

Package 1

Stop spending money on makeup that’s the wrong fit or something you don’t need!

Let me take the guess work out of looking great by giving you quick makeup tips and a personalized makeup list to have on hand when you go shopping!

You’ll receive a personalized  1 hour online makeup tutorial, designed specifically for you based on my personal recommendations.
Your personalized list will include products specifically identified for your coloring, skin type, and personal needs. The list will feature each product type in two categories:

  • Low-priced & high-end (You don’t need to spend a million dollars to LOOK like a million dollars!)
  • Pick products you want to splurge on and the one’s you’re comfortable saving on.
Buy Now $199Face Chart 1

Package 2

For the beauty maven who wants to know what she needs for every day, at the office and for a night on the town. Get answer to your most personal questions (how to mask a horrible night’s sleep or the dreaded hangover) along with deeper instructions and customized tips to make the most of your beauty routine.  All of this comes with the privilege of a private makeup consultation from the comfort of your own home.

A personalized 2 hour online makeup lesson, that includes a detailed list of products picked out specifically for your coloring, skin type, and personal needs. *can be broken up into two 1 hour sessions
Three looks complete with product recommendations:

  • Daytime (professional)
  • Night time (out on the town)
  • A quick, professional 5-minute look for every day

Each look features matching product offerings in two categories: Low-priced & high-end range (You don’t need to spend a million dollars to LOOK like a million dollars!)
Personal tips and tricks based on our lessons, and all your makeup questions answered!
Tips to optimize your application process, make the most of your skincare routine, how to properly use makeup brushes and more.

$399 Face Chart 4

Package 3

As close as you can get to having a personal beauty stylist in your home! If you need that personal touch to guide you through the makeup selection, application and perfection process, this package is for you. With a personal consultation, I will help you with your toughest beauty questions and guide you through achieving your best makeup looks. We’ll tackle the 5-minute routine (perfect for busy moms!), the everyday beauty look and rock an evening smoky eye. This package helps to make your beauty routine fun and easy by showing you the best ways to maximize your time.

4 hours online video consultations to address specific concerns and questions. Can be broken up into two 2 hour sessions, or 4 one hour sessions.
A personal instructional video from me summarizing your lessons and looks for you to keep and review at your leisure. 
Includes a virtual face chart (for the look you choose) complete with detailed makeup tips and application recommendations.
Three looks complete with product recommendations.

  • Daytime (professional)
  • Night time (out on the town)
  • A quick, professional 5-minute look for every day

Each look features matching product offerings in two categories: Low-priced & high-end range

$699Face Chart 2

Package 4

The most comprehensive of the beauty packages!  This package gives you a total makeup and beauty transformation. Completely tailored to your concerns, questions and beauty needs--great for the working woman, busy moms, aspiring artists and anyone who is ready to look and feel their best! Connect with me online via video tutorials and get the benefit of video lessons made especially for you. We’ll take a look inside your makeup drawer, work with the products you have and show you how to use them. At the end, you will receive your individual makeup booklet outlining the looks and products we have gone over. These videos and the booklet will help you navigate the beauty isles like a pro and allow you to feel comfortable and confident with your beauty routine.

  • 6 hours of personal video sessions to dive into your specific skincare, makeup and beauty regiment difficulties and challenges. These sessions can be used at any time throughout the year, or used all at once for an intensive makeup lesson.
  • Additional  1 hour video call to revamp your personal makeup drawer. Allow me to help overhaul your products. Keep the ones that work, toss the ones that don’t!
  • Three personal video lessons on your preferred looks, designed specifically with detailed makeup tips and application details.  If you’re a gal on the town or an office maven looking to stay current with trends, your three signature looks will show the world the exact image you want to project.

Each look comes complete with its own virtual makeup face charts to help when it’s your turn to apply the makeup on your own and re-create your signature look.

A customized booklet of exclusive tips and tricks based on your photo.  Includes professional advice on how to optimize your application process. Your personalized booklet also includes products picked out precisely for your coloring, skin type, and personal needs.

$999Face Chart 3

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