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How to Remove Acne Scars

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Having a zit is bad enough, but no one should have to suffer from acne scars years after the acne is long gone! Luckily there are ways to remove acne scars and get your skin back to its former glory.

Red or brown acne marks that are left behind after a pimple (also known as macules) will usually fade with no need for treatment.

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Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit

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Mario Badescu Acne

Sometimes I like to pretend that a company made products just for me.  I dream that some brilliant chemist said to himself “Christina is having an awfully hard time with her skin, let’s help her out!”. 
I swear that Mario Badescu made all their products with me in mind.  I am the inspiration behind their stupendous, unbelievably perfect skin care line (a girl can wish right?).  Seriously, I am tempted to buy every single product they have.  I keep looking at their website and drooling over all the products that I want to try.  So many products, so little time!

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