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Trend Alert: Top Three Anti-Aging Hair Treatments to Try ASAP!

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When it comes to anti-aging products for the face, most women have had their favorite product picked out and well stocked since practically birth. However, there is a new concept in the world of anti-aging and this one has nothing to do with your skin. Instead, the new focus is the hair; restoring youthful texture, bounce and shine and even preventing frizziness and damage. While these amazing elixirs can be found everywhere from your local drugstore to your tried and true salon, here are our top three picks that you definitely need to try!

#1 – Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate – $60
Even though this product is arguably a bit on the pricey side, you certainly do get what you pay for. The product is in a serum form, and a little goes a very long way. Use it to ban dry, frizzy ends, to add thickness to fine and thinning hair or even to add some extra luster to hair that’s been looking a bit dull lately.

#2 – Alterna Caviar Cream – $25
This magic maker is a cream fomula and packs a pretty powerful punch for the price. It can be used as a leave in conditioner to protect against heat styling, or used after hair is styled to give a bit of hold, to smooth out rough ends, and provide some serious shine.

#3 – Pantene BB Cream – $6
If you’re looking for a budget friendly product that still gets the job done, this should be your go-to product. The Pantene BB Cream actually promises to do more than just protect and add shine, it claims to do 10 (that’s right – 10) different and wonderful things for your hair such as: repair rough hair, protect against damage, make hair silkier, provide a brilliant shine, smooth the hair shaft, provide extra moisture to the hair, control frizz, provide heat protection, make hair more manageable and tame flyaways. With this many pros coupled with a seriously affordable price, we can’t think of a single reason why this shouldn’t be at the top of every woman’s beauty drawer.

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Ziaja Natural Skincare

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by Sian Bitner Kearney 

For anyone who has read my prior product reviews, you know that anti-aging and hair softening products are my absolute favorite to try. Sadly, most great products also come with an insane price tag making them easy to love but difficult to commit to. Thankfully, after trying the products sent to me from Zaija, it seems exceptional finally can be coupled with affordable. The company sent me five products to try; Goat’s Milk Eye Cream, Goat’s Milk Day Cream, Goat’s Milk Night Cream, Goat’s Milk Body Balm, and Natural Olive Hair Mask Regenerating, and each was surprisingly incredible.
Admittedly, when I saw the words, “Goat’s Milk” I was a little worried. I immediately ran to my computer and Googled the ingredient to see what the possible benefits could be. As it turns out, goat’s milk contains Lactic Acid that stabilizes the skin’s PH levels, naturally soothes dry, irritated skin, and contains protein and fatty acids that smooth lines and wrinkles while keeping the skin hydrated. Okay, I’ll admit it, I was intrigued. As I logged on to researched the company Ziaja, I found that all of their products are derived from natural ingredients like goat’s milk, olive oil, aloe, cucumber, marine algae, and argan oil, and are free of the irritants and perfumes found in most hair and skincare lines. What’s even more important is that all of these amazing products can be purchased for under $10.00. Now, on to the review!
Goat’s Milk Eye Cream
Honestly, this is one of the best eye creams I have ever used. The texture was very concentrated and thick yet it melted into my skin within seconds. I often have issues with dry patches and even a weird breakout of little bumps near my eyes in the summer time and this eye cream kept both at bay. It also seemed to help with the occasional bags that accompany my countless sleepless nights.
Goat’s Milk Day Cream
At first I wasn’t sure about these. My skin did seem a bit shiny and I required more powder during the day. However, after about a week I started to realize that I was using way too much. The day and night creams are very thick and concentrated and you literally need only about a dime’s size for your face. Once I adjusted the amount, the results were amazing! Not only were my fine lines diminished but my skin actually seemed to glow. At my last hair appointment, my stylist asked what skincare products I was using because my skin was gorgeous and whatever it was, she wanted it. After taking a few personal moments to gloat, I referred her to the Ziaja website.
Goat’s Milk Body Balm
Much like the day and night creams, a little of this stuff goes a long way. To be honest, the scent was a little stronger than I would have preferred but luckily it fades after a few minutes. The look of this cream on my skin however was sensational. Just like the face creams, the body balm gave a dewy kind of glow to my skin (a total benefit for summer fashion). I also found that by the end of the day, my skin felt just as hydrated as it had when I first applied.
Natural Olive Hair Mask
Hands down this was my absolute favorite of the products. Historically, I have been a Moroccan Oil girl. Ever since I made a rapid transition from reddish brown to platinum blonde (which left my hair dry, damaged, and in need of a 4” cut), I have been forced to use the Moroccan Oil products in order to get my hair to do anything. While I liked the products and what they did for my hair, the deep conditioner alone would run me about $40.00 which quickly adds up over the months. I have to say with total confidence that this Natural Olive Hair Mask is equally as good if not even a little better than the Moroccan Oil hair mask. The added bonus is that this one will only run you $8.79.
For all of you beauties out there hoping to defy age and get your glow on, I urge you to check out these products ASAP. Not only will you see a drastic improvement in your skin and hair, you’ll also notice a few extra dollars in your bank account

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MitoQ Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream

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MitoQ Anti-Aging Lotion:

by Sian Bitner Kearney

There is perhaps no greater promise to a lady like me then that of more youthful skin, which is why I was ecstatic to review the MitoQ Anti-Aging lotion that was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. The lotion is a patented anti-aging formula said to protect the skin from free radical damage, accelerate skin rejuvenation, and proven to be 1000 times more potent than the average CoQ cream. Despite my husband’s eye rolls and under the breath chuckles, I could not wait try this cream as my rapidly approaching 38 year old skin is beginning to look less youthful and glowing and more dull and disappointing. I applied the cream twice a day on clean, dry skin and used no other cream (aside from my eye cream) for an honest review. Here’s my conclusion…

The lotion is very smooth and velvety in texture, and while it does hydrate and smooth lines it does not leave behind a shiny or greasy appearance under my makeup. In fact, it seemed to almost melt into my skin making my face feel naturally soft and supple versus a maturing face covered in heavy cream. There was no noticeable scent to the lotion so it did not irritate my skin or my senses, which considering I’m allergic to almost everything these days was a wonderful bonus.

To be perfectly honest, I do not have a huge battle with wrinkles yet aside from laugh lines and pizza inflicted jowls, but I did notice that my skin appeared firmer and had a better overall glow. My big age announcer sadly, is my décolletage which thanks to many nights sleeping in a comfy side position coupled with years of sun damage, has begun to resemble a nude shade of crepe paper. To my delight, the lotion did make quite a difference on this area, making the skin look firmer and plumper, while erasing many of the deeper lines. I also used the lotion on my hands which have their own share of sun damage and noticed a difference in smoothness and tone on them as well. Overall, I would recommend this product to any woman. For those more mature and in need of some anti-wrinkle power, this is a true contender. For young women without a spot or line in sight, there is no time like the present to do what’s best for your skin, so start the repair process asap!

For more info, check out the site:

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Antiaging Makeup Tips

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By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

Antiaging Makeup Tips

Antiaging Makeup Tips

With a few smart makeup techniques, you can turn back the clock. Tonya Crooks, a celebrity makeup artist and eyebrow expert, who has made the likes of Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Fergie and Megan Fox even more beautiful than they naturally are, shares her top five antiaging makeup tips.

1. Start with well-hydrated skin.
Makeup will go on smoother and last longer if your skin is supple and moisturized. I recommend to all my clients that they use a daily moisturizer and one at night as well. For a quick fix, applying a makeup primer under your foundation will add instant luster to your skin.

2. Don’t over-tweeze.

Look at a girl of 14 or 15 who hasn’t started tweezing her eyebrows and you’ll see brows that are healthy and full with no exaggerated arches or bald spots.  The takeaway: Less is more when it comes to achieving youthful-looking brows. Pluck stray hairs below your brow line, but don’t thin out the brows themselves. If you’re thinking about reshaping your brows, see a pro.

3. Choose creamy cheek colors.

Skip the powders and opt instead for blush and bronzer in a cream, liquid or mousse formula. Powders tend to sit on top of the skin, making your complexion look parched, while creamy textures give you a lit-from-within glow.

4. Keep eye makeup light and clean.

Dark and heavy shadows can make your eyes look sunken while lighter shades help them “pop.” You can still do a dramatic look; just focus the liner and deeper shades on the outer corners of your eyes.

5. Opt for glossy lipstick over matte. 

As we get older, our lips tend to shrink a bit. A dark matte lip color and liner will make them look even smaller. Instead, create the illusion of a plumper pout with a gloss in a light hue. And with paler colors you can go outside the borders of your lip a little. I call it cheating the edge.

Shelley Levitt, managing editor of The Style Glossy, is a former West Coast editor of Self and senior writer at People.

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Skincare At Every Age

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The way we feel beautiful is different for every woman, and especially different at certain points in our lives.  Personally, I have found that the definition of what I consider beautiful in myself has changed tremendously over the years.  In my twenties, I felt beautiful if I had my acne under control, was rocking a smokey eye and was at the perfect weight. Truly fluffy stuff.  Now, in my thirties, I find that I feel prettiest when I am as closet to natural as possible, have taken care of my skin, and laughing over wine and food with my friends (diets went out the window years ago). 
Just as our ideas of beauty changes as we get older, so do our beauty needs.  Below is a list of essentials for every age in our lives.  Change is necessary, so why not embrace all the different transformations we have throughout our years.  Each new era that you get to rediscover yourself is extraordinary.

20’s:  This is the time when you can experiment with your makeup routine and hone in on your skincare needs.  During our twenties, we need to keep our skin hydrated, and watch for breakouts due to hormonal fluctuations. 

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment, 1 oz

It is a little known fact that one of my first makeup jobs was at an Estee Lauder makeup counter.  I was 19 years old,  going to college and eager to have a job that allowed me to play with makeup all day.  Little did I know the job I took to support me through college (to be a writer, ha!)  would be the start of a long and wonderful career.

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Clarisonic Skin Cleaning System

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My fellow beauty blogger and dear friend Andrea has been boasting about her love for the Clarisonic Skin Cleaning System forever.  So, I finally gave in and decided to join the Clarisonic fan club and purchase the brush myself.  Why was I so hesitant to try out this brush, you ask?  Honestly, it’s because I had a miserably hard time justifying the $200 price tag.

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